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WordPress is the most popular blogging platform. The web is full of articles debating whether a blog should be based on wordpress or blogger (Google’s blogspot). We will not get into that debate, as many people have already concluded that WordPress is better. This post is about blogging via wordpress app for iOS devices.

Smartphones are very popular and people use these for almost every task, so why not blogging. Infact we have read that some of the bloggers don’t use computer for blogging and completely rely on their android or iOS devices for blogging. I also sometime use wordpress application (iPad) for posting articles on appNina. This is not because of any constraints but using the app is so convenient. We thought to review this app itself on our blog. And yes, this post is via wordpress app for iPad.

Using this application is pretty easy – simply download and sign with your account details. In just few seconds you will be posting via wordpress app. What I would like to highlight in this post is its positive points and the negatives points (as per my user experience). If you are also using this app then please share your views with us (what problems are you facing or what kind of positives you see with this app).

Why use WordPress iOS App – Pros

More or less its a great app – very easy and convenient to use. Not only this is great for writing content and posting article but it is equally good for managing your website (like looks, plugins and other settings). Its full fledged wordpress setup on iPad.


Though laptop is also portable and can be carried anywhere but mobile is something which we have always. So whether you are at airport, in a train, or getting bored at a conference, you can blog using this wordpress app. This saves lot of your time!

Always logged on

I use this on my iPad and I love the fact that I can close the app and open it again with just one click. No need to log out and app is always open. So compose half of your post, play games in between and get back to app – word again.

Article Writing

Creating a new post is so easy – just click of a button (plus sign). Just like the wordpress platfrom for windows, the app also offers title field, tags field, category field etc. Additionally there is option to set featured image, schedule your post (or publish immediately). Attaching media (images and videos is also at click of a button). You can so easily preview your post.

Managing Comments

Managing comments is so easy with the app – (tough screen feature are actually used – tap tap tap and its done).

View your Site Feature

This is one of my favorite feature. When writing content or making changes to your blog – we all like to see how my site is behaving. WordPress application has a build in view your site feature (See our features image). You can simply tap the view site button and your site appears in the built in browser.

Site Settings

Adding new plugins, making changes to plugins, changing look of blog (widgets, theme, css) everything works pretty well. Infact sometimes it is easier to change the settings with the app and instantly view it in the view site mode.

WordPress iOS App – Cons

The easiest task when reviewing any product is to list down the things it lacks. Just like any other app, wordpress also has its issues (but very few). Below is what I found to be missing (good to have things).

Article Writing

WordPress App Admin Panel.jpg

  1. Very less options for indentation and formatting – I have a few plugins installed on the wordpress which support me for writing the post (formatting). What I can see on the iPad app is just few basic rules like bold, link, quote, ul, ol. In short, you will find it difficult to fully format your post and make it look beautiful.
  2. Interlinking (and external linking) is difficult – Though there is an option to link but it lacks the support for plugins like Insights which helps a lot in interlinking.
  3. No other Plugins Support – There are so many other plugins (like SEO, Review etc.. ) which assist you when writing a post. Some of these are extremely important and a post will not be considered complete without them. Seems wordpress app lacks plugin support.

Admin Panel

  • I can’t complain too much about it but the only missing thing is that the buttons on the left are just icons – no text to support them. You can expect people to remember which icon is for settings, which is for tools and which is for plugins.
  • Moreover the buttons on admin panel are too small to be clicked. Often you end up clicking some other icon.

Plugins – Settings

  • Smush it does not work – I am not sure how this plugin works but I tried going to media library and try smush it thing – it failed. Nothing happens (probably a few other like these which require external help or processing will also not work).
  • More or less everything here works – I can’t complain much!

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