Windows Mobile Paid Games Price Analyses

If we talk about mobile operating system then Android and iOS are the two which undoubtedly rule the market. Windows Mobile Operating System (Windows 7.5 and 8) is also catching up and trying to get a hold of the market. What I feel is if the number of applications in the market is high, then there are good chances of OS getting popular.

Microsoft taking over Nokia Mobile is a huge step in the right direction and will hopefully prove good for windows mobile OS as well. I have personally used Nokia Lumia phone (which has windows OS) and I kinda liked it. It is quite smooth, stable, good feel and easy to use interface. But what’s lacking and what forced me towards iPhone and Android is lack of apps in it.

Android and iOS are popular mainly because these have tons and tons of free and paid application – which includes huge number of games. I am fond of games and it turns out that the newly launched games (which instantly become hit in Android/iOS) are not even available for windows mobile. I am ready to pay money for those games but atleast make them available in the market.

All this led me to do some kind of research on Windows Mobile Games. I started looking at the paid game section as I knew that free ones will be limited and mostly trial versions. I wanted to get answers to

  • How many paid games are there in the windows mobile app market
  • Which is the costliest game for windows mobile
  • How many cheap games (may be like 99 cents) are available in the market
  • How do the game prices compare with each other

My research will not only help people who are planning to make a switch to windows mobile but also help the windows game developer. These game developer need to price their game and the price should always be strategic.

  • Game App Price plays a big role in the number of downloads it can have
  • Does 99 cents appeal you more or is it $1

Get aware how people are pricing their mobile games!

The research is as of Sep 2013.

How are Windows Mobile Games Priced

Below is a price comparison on how the windows games are actually priced.

Windows Games Prices (in USD) Number of Games
0.99 594
1.29 41
1.49 55
1.99 111
2.49 18
2.99 137
3.49 4
3.99 7
4.99 20
6.99 12
9.99 1
12.99 1
Total 1001

windows mobile paid games

Some Interesting Facts

The above graph and analysis has helped clear some facts about windows game app store:

  • Total Paid Windows Games: 1001
  • 99 cents games are more than 550 in number: Most popular price
  • Only ONE game is priced $9.99 and $12.99
  • Price’s always end up in some cents and not whole number like 99 cents, 1 dollar 49 cents etc..

The reason is clear – so less games in Windows App Store. Just thousand paid games in the app store – comparing this to millions and millions of games in android and iOS. Microsoft will have to take some bold steps in the game development. It should encourage people to make games for Windows mobile as well. Well all these numbers are quite shocking to me!

Another interesting fact – Not even a single game priced 5.99 or 7.99 or 8.99 !

Popular Prices

Below are the popular prices (for which atleast 50 games are available). In decreasing order of number of games

  • 99 cents – 594 Games
  • $2.99 – 137 Games
  • $1.99 – 111 Games
  • $1.49 – 55 Games

If you are developing a new game for windows mobile phone – my suggestion is to go pricing your app to be 99 cents (which is the most popular figure). But if you want to stand out then you can decide pricing it more than $12.99 – making your game as most expensive windows mobile game!

Windows Mobile Expensive Games

Next thing which I would like to know is which is the most expensive game.

Game Apps Priced $6.99


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