Whatsapp Puzzles Collection : 100+ Emoticons Guess Games

Whatsapp has grown pretty big with huge number of subscribers and active users every day. People use it for sending text messages, multimedia files like images and videos, group chat with friends and now voice messages as well. With the increasing usage, the feature usage has also increased. Among this is the usage of Whatsapp emoticons (smileys to express emotions).

What has recently got popular is whatsapp emoticons puzzles and games. These are simple emoticons combinations which together mean something. In short, your friend shares an image with you – this image has about 10 combinations each meaning something. These could range from songs, movie names, alcohol brands, Band names, brand names and what not. You will have to guess these combinations correctly.

Because of the availability of huge number of smileys, potentially any combination could be made easily and this would actually be meaning something. We have already shared many of these puzzles with our users and some of these have got really popular among our readers.

On the respective article pages you can play these guessing games, however in this article we have compiled all the Whatsapp Puzzles at a single location.

Complete list of Whatsapp Emoticons Puzzles

We keep on adding new puzzles time and again, however we keep on adding these puzzles here as well.

  • If you are just looking for guessing games – then check the image puzzle below (from the slideshow)
  • If you want to play, answers these puzzles or check the solution – visit the respective puzzle page.

Puzzle Set 1 – With Solution

  1. Name of Sweets
  2. Ramayan Characters
  3. Actor Names
  4. Salman Khan Movies
  5. Bollywood Movie Names
  6. Comedy Movies
  7. Musical Instruments
  8. Rock Band Names
  9. Indian Politicians Names
  10. Bollywood Songs
  11. Amitabh Bachchan Movies
  12. Indian Festival Names
  13. Country Names

Puzzle Set 2 – With Solution

  1. Freedom Fighter Names
  2. NewsPaper Names
  3. City Names
  4. Shahrukh Khan Movie Names
  5. Childhood Game Names
  6. Cricket Player Names
  7. Hindi Songs Quiz 1
  8. Hindi Songs Quiz 2
  9. Phone Brand Names
  10. Hindi Movie Dialogue
  11. Country Name Game Puzzle 2
  12. Mahabharat Characters Names
  13. Food Items Names
  14. Soaps and Detergent Names

Puzzle Set 3 – With Solution

  1. Watch Brand Names
  2. ToothPaste Names
  3. Hindi Movie Names – 3 puzzles
  4. Clothing Brands Names
  5. Phone Brands
  6. Actor and Actress Names
  7. Hindi Song Names – 3 puzzles
  8. Social Media Website Names
  9. English Movie Names
  10. Alcohol Brnads
  11. Hindi Movie Dialogue
  12. Website Names

Puzzle Set 4 – With Solution

  1. Guess Nursery Rhymes
  2. Guess TV Shows Names
  3. Guess Names of Famous Persons
  4. Guess Name of Banks
  5. Guess Names of Shampoo
  6. Guess TV Shows and Movies
  7. Guess Amitabh Bachchan Movies
  8. Guess Bollywood Songs
  9. Guess Clothes Brand Names
  10. Guess Indian Festivals
  11. Guess these country Names
  12. Guess cities names
  13. Guess Heroine Names
  14. Guess Names of Websites
  15. Guess Names of Vegetables

Answers to the above Whatsapp Puzzles

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