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Whatsapp is one of those chatting application that everyone is using these days. It has millions and millions of users worldwide. It has certainly changed the way we used to communicate with our friends and family. Just few years back everyone used to rely on sms messaging (using the telecom company) and this used to cost us heavily. However now we use internet to send messages by using applications like Whatsapp.

If I have to rate one smartphone app which I use all the time, I would say more than Facebook on mobile I am using “Whatsapp“. And why not, it allows you to connect to your friends and family with just click of buttons. Almost all of my friends are using Whatsapp. Apart from basic instant messaging functionality, you can create groups (another great feature – group chat), send picture/video messages and now they have added the feature of voice messaging.

Whatsapp also has a big list of emoticons (smileys) which are a great way to express your emotions and feelings. These emoticons are so popular that people have created whole list of puzzles using these smileys. Check this article on Whatsapp Emoticons Puzzles – Guess the Name Games!

Enough of Whatsapp hoo haa.., I am sure if you are reading this article then you are already familiar with Whatsapp and its set of features. However do you know that there is a whole list of new applications which can assist you, which can add a whole feature set to your whatsapp application. It has million of users and many other app developers are taking advantage of this fact by launching new apps to attract whatsapp users.

In this article, we will be looking at all the iPhone Whatsapp helper applications – the apps which can provide you all new feature set to basic whatsapp. We have categorized these applications in following sets:

  • Emoticons Applications – These apps provides new emoticons which can be used in Whatsapp. If you are a heavy smiley user, then these apps are must have for you.
  • Sticker Apps – Give whatsapp a new look and feel. These stickers apps provide new wallpapers and background.
  • Tips, Tricks and Hacks – A must have set of applications, these gives a new meaning to chat. Would you not like to have features like Upside down text to tease your friends.
  • Other Miscellaneous apps

First Download Whatsapp Messenger on iPhone

Before you download anything else, make sure you have the Whatsapp installed on your mobile.

Download Name
WhatsApp Messenger

Emoticons and Sticker Applications

Time to download some emoticons and sticker applications. These work great with Whatsapp!

App Download Application Name and Details
Emoticon & Emoji Keyboard & Photo Graffiti – With Pop Emojis & Emotion icons – Be widely used in Zoosk,Skype,Kik,Whatsapp,Facebook Messenger Etc.

Stickers for WhatsApp, Hangouts and Viber

Emoji 2 Emoticons Free + Photo Captions Collage – 300+ New Smiley Symbols & Icons for Messages & Emails

Emoji Pop & Emoticon & Emoji keyboard – With Funny Emojis & Cool Emoticons & Emotion icons – Make Chatting on SMS,Whatsapp,Twitter,Kik,Zoosk,Facebook Message more Funny

Emoji=) – Free Emoticons, Stickers, Smiley Icons and Fonts for Texts, Texting, Email, MMS, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Kik Messages

3D Stickers for Whatsapp – Minecraft Edition

Animated 3D Emoji – Free New Emoticons Icons for Texting & Email & Messages

Retina Backgrounds for Whatsapp & Hangouts & Viber

Emoji for Whatsapp, Hangouts, Viber with Cool Fonts, Backgrounds, Wallpapers

HD Backgrounds 4 Whatsapp & Retina Wallpapers 4 Hangouts & Custom Themes 4 Viber

Emoji 3 Emoticons for LINE, Kik Messenger, Messages, SMS, WeChat & Whats.App – Free

Emoji Lite Photo Collage Maker- Instagram Frames & Pic Editor Send & Share Photos

Animated 3D Emoji PRO – New Emoticons Icons for Texting & Email & Messages

Cute Emoticons Free for WhatsApp, LINE, Kik Messenger, Messages & WeChat – Animation Emojis

Stickers for WhatsApp & Hangouts & Viber

App Icon Frames & Shelves & Skins – Pimp Your Icons with Theme, Wallpaper, Background

Emojidom Smileys and Emoji for WhatsApp and Messaging
Skins for Whatsapp & HD Backgrounds for Hangouts and Viber – Pattern & Nature Edition: Lite version
Stickers For WhatsApp Messenger

Stickers Free for WhatsApp, LINE, Kik Messenger, WeChat, Messages & Mail – Animation Emojis
Stickers Lite for Whatsapp, Messages, WeChat, eMail, Twitter, Facebook and more!

Talking 3D Emoji 2 – Emoticons Video Maker & Player App for WhatsApp Messenger, Keek, YouTube, Facebook, WeChat + Instant iPhone Email, SMS & MMS Chat Text Messages
HD Stickers for WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter & Co.

Tips and Tricks – Ultimate Fonts and Backgrounds

I have highlighted the apps which I feel are real interesting.. tips and tricks app!

Download App Application Name and Details
Symbolizer Fonts for Instagram and Vine Comments, Texts & Tweets

3D Stickers for Whatsapp – Minecraft Edition
Retina Backgrounds for Whatsapp & Hangouts & Viber
HD Backgrounds 4 Whatsapp & Retina Wallpapers 4 Hangouts & Custom Themes 4 Viber

Any Video for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Skype, Twitter, Yahoo!, Google+, Tango, Mail Message, MMS and SMS Text

InstaShapes – Snap pics & krop photos into shapes – frame, silhouette, symbol, alter and share to facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, tumblr + flickr

Color Your Messages – Colorful Bubbles & Fonts for Text Messaging, iMessage, MMS, WhatsApp with Emoji

Fonts for WhatsApp – New Cool Text

PrivateMSG for WhatsApp

Awesome Fonts – Fonts for Facebook,Twitter,Whatsapp,LINE, Kik, WeChat & SMS

Backgrounds for WhatsApp Messenger & Hangouts & Viber*

Fontsy – Emoji & Cool fonts for Kik, Whatsapp, Instagram, Hangouts, Vine, and Tinder
Fancy Texts – Cool, Funny and Fantastic Message Fonts, Color Emoji Icons and Symbol Keyboards FREE for WhatsApp,Viber,Line & Skype

Message Designer for WhatsApp & Hangouts & Viber
Wink – private photo sharing chat (snap and send pics for free like on Snapchat, Whatsapp, or Kik)

Color Text Messages Free – Whats Funny App For Mail,WhatsApp,Yahoo Messenger,Hotmail,FB

DrawTo for WhatsApp

App Icon Frames & Shelves & Skins – Pimp Your Icons with Theme, Wallpaper, Background

One touch call, Apps, home screen shortcut icon ( iFavorite Pro : for Instagram camera, Snapshat, WhatsApp )

Skins for Whatsapp & HD Backgrounds for Hangouts and Viber – Pattern & Nature Edition: Lite version

Color Text Messages+ for my messenger free now
Awesome Fonts – 40 fonts for Whatsapp, Viber, Instagram & More

Face In Hole HD – Place My Face In Photo Frames Shared To SnapChat,WhaTSApp

BytaFont – Your Cool Fonts Never Looked Cooler

Happy Birthday Video Sharer for Facebook,Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat & Line.

Retina HD Backgrounds App Free – What Funny Wallpapers For WhatsApp,Viber,iPhone5

Fonts For WhatsApp

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