Whatsapp Guess Games – Songs, Dialogues, Movies, Actors

Whatsapp Puzzles and Guessing games are getting really popular these days. These are simple quizzes where you are presented with a picture having a list of emoticon combinations and you have to guess what does the combination mean. These picture are pretty small in size and approx 9/10 combinations are present in a single image.

Due to popularity of Whatsapp smiley’s these game have gone viral specially among Indian users. These games are more popular among Whatsapp Groups (where there is high chance of fast guessing). Turns out that these games are not only popular on Whatsapp but the game images are being shared on social networking sites as well. People have started playing these whatsapp guessing games on Facebook as well. Infact many times we have also shared these whatsapp games on AppNina facebook page.

Some of the popular guessing games are based on Songs, Movie Names, Hindi Movie Dialogues, Famous personalities names like Cricketers, Actors, Website Names, Food Names, Childhood Games and what not. It is sometime like you make any random combination of these smileys and turns out that they actually mean someting.

Again we are not posting these guess puzzle for first time. So far, we have posted more than 50 puzzles so far. Follow the below links to check other posts about these whatsapp puzzles.

Guess the Names of Sweets

Food Items Puzzle which is getting really popular these days..

Whatsapp Guess Puzzle - Sweets Names

Guess Ramayan Character Names

You should be knowing these..

Whatsapp Guess Puzzle - Ramayan Character Names

Guess the Actor Names

Yeah another puzzle on actor’s.. Keep guessing

Whatsapp Guess Puzzle - Actor Names 1

Guess the Names of Salman Khan Movies

Sharukh Khan Movie Puzzle is done, time to guess Salman Khan Movies…

Whatsapp Puzzle - Guess Salman Khan Movie Names

Guess Bollywood Movie Names

Yeah.. another puzzle on movies as well.

Whatsapp Guess Puzzle - Bollywood Movie Names

Guess the Names of Comedy Movies

Comedy Movies – this is really interesting..

Whatsapp Guess Puzzle - Comedy Movie Names

Guess Musical Instrument Names

For all music lovers, fun puzzle

Whatsapp Guess Puzzle - Musical Instrument Names

Guess Rock Bands Names Names

This puzzle is brought to you by our Facebook reader – kikofrasesisoler
This is a great puzzle and a difficult one. Lets see how many of you can actually solve this puzzle.
Whatsapp Rock Bands Puzzle

Guess Indian Politicians Names

The Indian elections are quite near and every news channel is focused on politicians. So play this amazing whatsapp game – guess politicians names.
Whatsapp Guess Politicians Names

Guess Bollywood Songs Names

Quite easy puzzle and I am sure you will be able to guess these songs.
Whatsapp Guess Bollywood Song Names

Guess Amitabh Bachchan Movie Names

Keep guessing these whatsapp games!

Guess Indian Festival Names

Time to show how Indian you are.. Guess these festival names.
Whatsapp Guess Indian Festival Names

Guess Country Names

Not a difficult puzzle – you should be easily guessing these.
Whatsapp Guess Country Names

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