Whatsapp FAQ – Whatsapp Question and Answers

This article captures all common and relevant problems (difficulties or issues) which people may face when using Whatsapp application on their smartphone (whether it is Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows or any other) or Tablet (Android, iPad, Windows, Playbook) or even their PC (using bluestacks or any other android emulator).

The usage of Whatsapp is increasing at a very fast pace – specially in India and other developing nations. It has replaced all other chatting applications, emerging as the most popular instant messaging application. Everyone is using Whatsapp and thus it creates some pressure on others who are using this app (to start using Whatsapp). This in turn resulted in people trying Whatsapp on any device which has internet facility – be it Mobile, Tablet, Computer or even television (smart TV). Not all of them are able to smoothly use this app and face some difficulties. So we are here to help them out!

We have tried to cover all the question which we think are relevant to be discussed here or the ones which our readers have asked us specifically. So if you have a specific problem (whose solution is not listed on this page), then you can contact us in the comment section or mail us at admin[at]appnina.com or contact us on our facebook page. We will be happy to include your problem on this page!

Solutions to Whatsapp Problems

Q1. How to set up a different new ringtone (notification sound) for whatsapp message to distinguish it from normal sms.
A. The solution is common to all types of mobiles.

  1. Open the whatsapp Application
  2. Go to settings (this appears by clicking left button for android mobiles)
  3. In the settings – select Notifications
  4. In the message notification, select Notification tone
  5. Change the tone as per you choice.
  6. Make similar changes for Group Notifications and Broadcast Notifications.

Q2. If I add someone to my contact list but the other person is not having my number stored in his address book. Can I add them to my whatsapp without waiting for them to add me ?
A. All you need to do is add them to your address book (or phone book) and when you refresh your contact list in whatsapp, they will appear. Quite obvious that they must have atleast Whatsapp installed on their mobile. The other person need not to accept you as a friend. Once you save this contact in the phone book, he will appear in your Whatsapp contacts and you will be able to send him a message. However they won’t recognize your name as they do not have saved you as their contact.

Q3. [General Notification Issue] Whatsapp does not notify me if I get any new Whatsapp message. The application needs to be opened up and then only I receive a notification. I have done all updates and still won’t notify me, all whatsapp notification settings are correct as well.
A. Turns out that it is a common problem with Samsung Galaxy S3 and Windows Mobile – All you need to do is go to the application setting, set it in automatic start, that’s only when the whatsapp application can notify you without you having to open it first.

Q6. [Push Notification Issue on Windows Mobile] Not working on my Lumia 520 (Using Wifi). When somebody sends me a message, no sound or message will pop up. When I open whatsapp, I will receive the message.
A. Here’s the answer

  • Make sure you don’t have Battery Saver turned on.
  • Allow the WiFi to run under lockscreen. Look under Settings > System > Wifi > Advanced.
  • Allow background task for Whatsapp. Look under Settings > Applications > Background tasks.
  • Try to unpin and re-pin the Whatsapp tile.

Q4. Is Whatsapp Free to download and use ?
A. Yes, currently Whatsapp is free for every device – Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian OS and others as well.

Q5. [Whatsapp on Blackberry] I was using whatsapp and it was working fine. However when I upgraded the whatsapp and restarted my phone it stopped working. It asked to me to type my number in again and it followed with an error!
A. You should be able to fix that error by deleting WhatsApp and downloading it again. And you should also be able to use it for 1 year free—I looked into the details of the free trial, and it appears that it’s available whenever you begin using the application.

Q7. [Whatsapp Verification Issue] I switched from the old mobile (Windows Lumia) to Android (Samsung Galaxy), and I couldn’t verify my whatsapp account on new phone. I have tried deleting the account from old mobile. Waited for quite sometime and then install it in Galaxy. It just keep saying that the code is sent but not able to verify.
A. Simple Solution – Verify by Phone Call !

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