Whatsapp Emoticons Stories – Love Story, Songs Messages

Whatsapp is my favorite mobile application. I am always connected to internet on my mobile and Whatsapp keeps running in the background. I use it everyday and everytime for all my messaging needs. Infact it is more of a chatting application than messaging one. The best thing about Whatsapp is its not limited to basic chat and offers a wide range of features (like group chat, message broadcast etc).

One of the most used Whatsapp feature is its emoticons (or popularly known as Smileys). These are simple and cute pictures which are useful to depict your emoticons. Some of these smileys are really meaningful and make quite a lot of sense. Turns out that emoticons are no longer limited to express your emotions – people are now using these for various creative ways.

  • Whatsapp Guessing Games – You are given a emoticon combinations (sort of a puzzle) and the combination actually mean something. Large number of puzzles have been already made using these whatsapp smiley’s. These games are getting very very popular these days.
  • Whatsapp Message Jokes – These are jokes which are nowadays shared on whatsapp. These are not the usual text jokes but rather images (with help of emoticons) which are quite funny.
  • Interesting Whatsapp Emoticons Stickers App for iPhone
  • Whatsapp Emoticon Stories – What exactly are these .. Lets check out!

Turns out that a Story or Song can also be made using Whatsapp Emoticon. Like a boy met with a girl and they fell in love..

  • Smiley of boy
  • Smiley of hands (for meeting)
  • Smiley of girl
  • Then – smiley of love
  • Smiley of boy and girl hugging

Well these kinds of love story, funny stories, songs lyrics are getting really popular on Whatsapp. Since these are simple images, people share these among friends or groups and ask the people to decode the story. Trust me its real fun.

This article is huge collection of such “Whatsapp Emoticon Stories“!

1. Carly Rae Hey I just met you song

Carly Rae Hey I just met you song whatsapp emoticon story

2. Cause I am a champion and you are gonna hear me

Cause I am a champion and you are gonna hear me. jpg

3. Dickhead


4. Emoji Story on Whatsapp

Emoji Story on Whatsapp

5. Girl and Boy Story

Girl and Boy Story

6. Guess this song

guess this song

7. Guess this whatsapp emoticon story song

guess this whatsapp emoticon story song

8. Guess this whatsapp story song

guess this whatsapp story song

9. Guess What’s this story saying

Guess What's this story saying

10. Katy Perry Lyrics Whatsapp Story

Katy Perry Lyrics Whatsapp Story

11. Katy Perry Roar Lyrics

Katy Perry Roar Lyrics

12. So hard lyrics in Whatsapp emoticons

so hard lyrics in whatsapp emoticons

13. Thank you for being

thank you for being

14. Whatsapp Emoticon love story

whatsapp emoticon love story

15. Emoticon Story 1

Whatsapp Emoticon Story 1

16. Emoticon Story 2

Whatsapp Emoticon Story 2

17. Emoticon Story 3

Whatsapp Emoticon Story 3

18. Emoticon Story 4

whatsapp guess this story

19. Emoticon Story 5

whatsapp new smiley story

20. Whatsapp proposal story with emoticons

whatsapp proposal story with emoticons

21. Whatsapp story with smileys

whatsapp story with smileys

22. Whstapp Birthday Emoticon Picture Story

Whstapp Birthday Emoticon Picture Story

23. Will be able to guess this whatsapp smiley song

will be able to guess this whatsapp smiley song

24. You are the song

You are the song

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