What is sugar crush in candy crush

Candy Crush Saga is probably the most popular mobile game trending this year and one of the famous events/term in this game is called “Sugar Crush”. This event gets triggered in the game when you complete a level. By completing a level we mean you complete all the objectives required in the game level.

If you consider one example – in the Jelly levels you need to clear all the jelly and once that is done, level is completed. When a level in Candy Crush Saga is complete, a voice will announce “Sugar Crush!” and it will also appear on the mobile screen.

What happens on Sugar Crush

Sugar Crush is basically a type of a reward, an achievement. So once Sugar Crush happens, you will get extra points for every more move you have remaining when the level got completed.

  • First move after Sugar Crush – All special candies get destroyed by themselves and you will get extra points for this.
  • All remaining moves automatically happens and you will get extra points. Suppose three candies in a row were remaining, then this match will happen automatically after Sugar Crush.
  • If any special candies (Stripped Candy, Wrapped Candy or Color Bomb) get formed during the above move then these will again get destroyed.
  • If you have no remaining moves and no special candies, there will be no sugar crush at all.

Sugar Crush in Candy Crush Saga what is

The type of Sugar Crush depends on the type of level you are at.

  • Target Levels – In these levels you just to complete a particular score. Once that is achieved, Sugar Crush happens and all special candies left on the board they will be set off.
  • Jelly Levels – If you have moved remaining after Sugar Crush has happened, then three Jelly Fish swim onto the board and eat a candy at random. If the color of the fish matches the color of the candy it eats then 1,020 points are awarded, otherwise, none are awarded. If a player has five or more moves remaining, they get points for every fish that swims onto the screen.
  • Ingredient (Fruit) Drop Levels and Candy Order Levels – Once Sugar Crush has happened then for every remaining move, a candy at random is turned into a striped candy, which gives 3,000 points each, before they are all activated at once. This particular sugar crush gives many more points than the jelly level sugar crush.
  • Timed Levels – After Sugar Crush, all Extra Time Candies left on the board are converted into wrapped candies and set off, giving 540 points each. Please note that this happens only on mobile gaming app and does not happen on Facebook.

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