What is Candy Crush Saga Striped Candy

Candy Crush Saga is probably the most popular game available for mobile phone and computer as well. You can play it on Android, iPhone and lot other types of mobile phone. In the Candy Crush Saga game you come across various special types of candies which have some special meaning and special usage. The different types of candies in this Candy Crush game include “Striped Candies“, “Wrapped Candies“, “Alternating Candies” and “Color Bombs“.

In this article we will explain about Striped Candies – everything you should know about them. If you are looking for other types of candies – then here is a complete guide on different types of Candies Crush Candies.

Candy Crush – What is a striped candy ?

Striped Candy is a normal candy with horizontal or vertical stripes on them. How they are formed and what color they are – we will discuss later. First have a look at Striped Candy.

horiz striped candy

How to create a Striped Candy

Normally in Candy Crush game you crush three candies at a time. But when you match four regular candies in a row (horizontal or vertical) – you create a striped candy. The color of striped candy will be the color of whatever 4 candies you matched together.

The direction of the stripes on the striped candies depends on the direction you swiped in order to create the special striped candy.

striped candies how to create

Why to create a Striped Candies – Benefits ?

Well what if I tell you that you can clear entire row in just one move. Once you have created a striped candy – you can match this striped candy with other regular candies. This move will clear an entire row of column depending on the direction of the stripes (horizontal or vertical).

Where to use Striped Candies

  • Clearing Frosted/Meringues Blocks – A striped candy is going to help you great if you want to clear these kinds of blocks.
  • In some of the levels there are isolated jelly or candies in a row which are difficult to clear. The best bet is to use Striped Candy – as it can clear the entire row.
  • If you are looking to clear a particular spot or a candy – either you have option to match it with others or you can clear the entire row with a striped candy combination.
  • Level 77 – There are isolated jellies in a middle board. Use special candy combinations – like a striped candy to clear them all.

Option to create Wrapped Candy and Striped Candy


There will be many chances when you have option to create either of Wrapped Candy or a Striped Candy. Now depending upon the usage – you can choose to create a striped candy.

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