How to Watch Colors TV Serials Online For Free

We all love watching television and when it comes to Indian television shows, there is just no comparison. Most of evening time in Indian homes are spent watching these television series. Many husbands even complain that there wife’s are completely addicted to these daily soaps and don’t give proper time to them. Turns out that all the TV channels don’t get so much attraction and are not that much popular. Its simple – better and popular the TV show is, higher will be channel’s chances to get popular.

Currently ColorsTV is a clear winner in this channels race. And why not all the popular TV shows are telecatsed on ColorsTV. To name a few popular Indian tv shows – Bigg Boss 7, Balika Vadhu, Indian 24 (Anil Kapoor Series), Madhubala, Comedy Nights with Kapil etc..

Now sometimes what happens is you miss a particular show and or a particular episode. You still want to watch it, may be at a later time at your convenience. If you have a setup box with recording capability then offcourse you can record it and watch it later. But what about the ones who do not have this recording capability.

In this article we will show you how you can watch all your Color TV shows online for free – YES ALL COLOR TV SHOWS !

  1. No matter where you are from (India, America, Europe or any other country), as long as you have are connected to internet you can watch these tv shows for free
  2. You can watch Color TV Shows on mobile phone – yes watch Bigg Boss7 on mobile phone
  3. You can even download the full episodes and watch these anytime (even when you are offline).
  4. You can even watch Colors TV Live – watch live tv on computer or tablet or mobile.
  5. Don’t need to pay heavy for set top boxes when you can watch all for free – no need to cable connection.

Watch Colors TV Serials Online on Youtube

Yes Colors TV has a youtube channel as well, where you will find all the TV shows by colors. Its much better to watch these on Youtube (than on a particular website or via mobile app). Why ?

  1. Youtube Channel will work on Computer, Tablet or Mobile (and any mobile phone – Android, iPhone, Windows, Blackberry, Windows, Nokia or any other).
  2. Youtube channel buffers quite well – good picture quality
  3. Youtube won’t even be blocked in your office – watch TV in your office (at your own risk)
  4. Youtube is very famous and easy to use. Nothing complicated and even my grandma can watch videos on youtube
  5. Use Chromecast to watch Youtube on TV – effectively watch ColorsTV on your LCD/LED TV itself. I particularly like this capability to stream my favorite color’s show on televison itself.

Link for ColorTV Youtube Channel

Now here is the list of your favorite TV shows…

Check out other tv shows of Colors Channel at its youtube channel.

Colors TV Online Website – Live TV

You can even watch live colors TV channel at its website – won’t work on some tablets.

Live TV Link

You can also watch episodes of various tv shows at Color TV website (though I still prefer watching it on youtube).

ColorTV Episodes (TV Shows Videos)

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