TextNow App – Free Texting and Calling Application

We won’t say a very popular app, however a fairly popular smartphone application is “TextNow“. It has grown big with good number of users on Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile. TextNow is a communication app providing free text and voice calls. TextNow offers free texting and calling for your computer and mobile devices.

So is TextNow another Viber, Whatsapp or WeChat like application ? Is there any reason people should be using Textnow, considering we already have so many social networking and messaging apps. Well turns out that TextNow is something different. It targets smartphone users in USA and Canada offering some unique text and calling features. And these features are not offered by other messaging applications, probably that is the reason TextNow has over 150k reviews in iOS App Store.

In this article we will look at TextNow application, its features – TextNow app review.

What’s different in TextNow

This app allows you to send and receive unlimited text messages within the USA and Canada, free of charge. TextNow gives you own unique phone number (with the area code of your choice).

  • Use this phone number to send and receive unlimited text messages within USA and Canada
  • Distinguishing Feature: Your friends and family don’t need to have TextNow (in order to receive messages). It works as a normal phone.

Apps like Viber and Whatsapp require that both the parties (you and your phone) install the same application, only then you can text and voice call for free. There is no such limitation with TextNow (it works like a mobile phone).

Once you download the application, you can sign in with Facebook or create a new account. TextNow is very easy to setup – you will be assigned a new phone number.

Share this number with your friends. You can access contacts from your address book and send messages (only USA and Canada).

Features – TextNow

Lets look at other features of this new messaging application, which is already liked by so many people in USA and Canada.

Who can use this App

Anyone who has a smartphone (nowhere which part of world you are) can install this application, the only catch is you can text and call people in USA and Canada.That is, use this app on your mobile (India) and send messages to your friends in USA for free. It consumes your data – so anyone who wants to stick it to the carriers by sending texts via data and not SMS.

Why Free – Any Catch ?

There is no catch. No yearly or monthly fees! It is completely free. TextNow is powered by advertisements – so its free for users. If you don’t like ads, you can purchase a subscription to remove them.

Voice Calling

Free & unlimited voice calls with other TextNow users as well as for incoming calls. However for calling people who are not using Textnow – you can earn credits towards calling by completing partnered offers or purchase minute packs.

Other Features

– Customize the look and feel of the app
– Tons of wallpaper, color schemes, and ringtones to choose from
– Use your own pics as wallpaper
– Customize your own voicemail greeting
– Make your own signature
– Super fast
– Bluetooth support for iPhone users
– Emoticons in messages :-)
– Signatures: append your own signature to each text
– Assign individual contacts their own ringtone & background

TextNow for iPhone

Not only it works on your iPhone, TextNow works on your iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone. Use this app for texting and calling from your iPad and iPod Touch. It offers both text and calling on this iPhone app.

TextNow for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

TextNow for Android Mobiles and Tablets

TextNow is already very popular on Android mobiles with more than one million downloads. Its quite a stable app with 4.4 rating! Plus it offers all the features with text and voice calling!

TextNow for Android Mobiles

TextNow for Windows Mobile

Relatively a new application for windows mobile.

– Works on Windows Phone 8
– Lock Screen – Show new and unread TextNow messages when your phone is locked. Configure this from your phone settings or TextNow notification settings.
– Save Contacts – Create contacts in the People tab or in a conversation.
– Voice Commands – Hold down the Windows button and press the question mark to browse supported TextNow commands in the app list.

Does not offer Voice Calling on Windows App – ONLY TEXT !

TextNow for Windows Mobile

Using TextNow on Computer

You can use TextNow on your PC as well. We will soon write a separate article on this – step by step guide on using TextNow on computer. Stay tuned, we will update the link here itself.

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