How to Play Temple Run 2 on PC for Free

Temple run is a game, rather a very popular game available for almost all mobile platforms (whether it is iOS or Android Mobiles). The game is quite fun where a player tries to steal an idol temple and money chase him. It is very addictive and once a person starts playing it, he just want to keep playing it.

Though it is fun playing Temple run on our mobile (where the screen is small), however it will be more fun when you actually play this game (Temple Run) on your PC (Desktop or Laptop). This tutorial will teach you how you can download (and install) Temple Run on your computer, and yes it is totally free.

How can we download Mobile Games on PC

This tutorial will make use of the fact that there are many android emulator’s available for computer. It is a virtual android environment created on your computer which looks just like your mobile on your PC. On these android emulator you can install any android app or game and get access to these on your PC.

  • This tutorial is quite simple to follow and the method is completely free
  • Temple Run 2 works well on Android emulator
  • This tutorial does not require any download of any backup software (or any toolbar) as found in some videos and other tutorials floating on internet.

There are three parts to this tutorial

  1. Install the Android Emulator
  2. Install Temple Run on BlueStacks
  3. Play this Game

Install Android Emulator

The first step and most important step in this tutorial is to install the Android Emulator – BlueStacks on your computer. Please read this tutorial carefully.
Once you have installed the Bluestack app player then follow this tutorial further.

Video Tutorial – Temple Run 2 on PC

Install Temple Run on BlueStacks

Next thing is to download and install Temple Run on your PC.

1) Start BlueStacks Player and Click on Search button at top right. Enter “Temple Run 2″ in the field.

2) Some results will show up and click on install for Temple Run 2.

Temple Run for PC

3) Now Click on Temple Run 2 (Under Column Number 1). Make sure to choose column 1 item, as shown in image.

Install Temple Run

4) Now the app will get download, it will take some time.

Download the app

5) Once the app is download, go to My Apps and check that Temple Run should be present.

Temple Run in My Apps

Play Temple Run on PC

Once the app is installed just open this app. Temple Run will start on your PC (as shown in the images below).

  • You may have to click a few times before the actual game begins. Ex. Click on Play
  • Music also works fine on Temple Run.
  • Controls: The arrow keys on your keyboard just works fine for jump and slide.
  • Use Z and X buttons allow you to run on ledges

Temple Run for PC

Temple run is quite fun playing on computer (on a bigger screen). Infact I found this playing on PC more easy when compared to your mobile. Controlling the player is much easier specially with the arrow keys than using swipe on your mobile. Its altogether a different experience.

If you are facing any problem or difficulty in installing Temple Run2 on your computer then let us know. We will help you out play this super game on your PC.

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