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One of the most popular voice and video calling application is Tango (offcourse Skype is on top of the popularity list). Good thing is that Tango app is free and all you require is internet to make free video and voice calls. Tango like any other video/voice calling platform requires that you and your friend (whom you will be calling) both use Tango app.

Just like Skype, Tango is available for almost all the platforms – be it Android Mobile, iPhone, Windows Based Mobiles (Nokia Lumia Range) and computer. What it means is that you can make calls from your computer to your friend on his android mobile (Make PC to Mobile Video Calls Free!). Tango does not even require usernames or passwords – it works based on mobile number. It automatically finds your friends using Tango so that you can call them for free.

We have already written an article on “Apps for Making Free Video Calls on Computer“, where we also included Tango in the app list. However in this particular article we will go into more details on how you can actually use Tango on your computer – we will try to cover every minute details. It is a step by step setup guide on Tango for PC – so just follow these carefully. If you face any issue in getting Tango up and running on your PC, then please let me know in the comment section and I’ll me more than happy to help.

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Why Tango for PC

Even if you have a smartphone and you are using Tango on it, doesn’t matter. It is always good to have the video calling app on all the devices you have – so install it on your PC. Calling from your smartphone is easy and convenient, but it is ultimately video calls and it feels more awesome if the screen is bigger. So the experience of video calling is even better on laptop or television.

If you do not have a smartphone and still want to video calls with friends, you have no other option but to use Tango on your computer.


  • Works on Windows computer (and not Mac)
  • You need to have a laptop/desktop with a camera in order to video call
  • You need Mic/Speaker for voice calling (or video calling)
  • Fast Internet Broadband connection – for better video calling experience

Video – Learn about Tango

Step by Step Guide – Download Tango for PC

Step1 : Visit the Tango Website : Check this link

Step2 : Download the Tango App for PC – Download the app from this link

Step3 : After the download completes, click the SetupTango.exe to launch the installer

Tango for PC App Step 1

Step4 : Install the app and launch the application

Tip : If you are a new member, then use your mobile number and email address to find friends. If you are already using Tango then use the same number and email address that you are using, in order to find your contacts (whom you will be able to call).

Tango for PC Tip

Step5 : Continue and click ok all the tips.

Create Account

Step6 : You will need to select country code, enter your mobile number, create a profile (Name, Email address). Finally click “Submit”

Tango Register PC Application

Tango Contacts – Make Video Call

The default screen of Tango app is the contacts screen. Here it will scan your address book and will show all the contacts which are also using Tango. Clicking on any contact will start the call.

Tip: If your contacts list is large, make use of search feature to find a friends.

Tango App for PC

Invite New Friends – Add Contacts

You can search for a friend using mobile number or email address. As shown in the image above, to find a friend on Tango – click the invite button.

Tango Verification

For some people, Tango asks for verification. Then you will need to Verify your account via Code  – this means that your phone number is not properly verified in Tango system and you will not be able to make or receive calls on your PC.

To resolve this, Open Tango, Submit your registration information and click on Send Code>>.  This should send your updated registration information to Tango servers, and you should soon receive a validation code on your mobile device (via SMS).

Once you have received the verification code, enter it on your PC and tap Submit. If you are unable to receive the verification message you can click Resend Verification Code.  If you are still unable to receive the code, you can click Resend code using SMS.

Tango Verification 1.jpg

Tango for PC : Issues Resolved

Below is a FAQ on Tango application for computer. Let me know in the comment section, if you are facing any issue.

Q. My voice and video call quality is poor. It keeps breaking while in a call.
Ans. Well it could be because of poor internet connection. Make sure any other application is not running on your PC – such as movie download/youtube videos etc which consume lot of bandwidth. Improve call quality – Plugging in a headset should reduce background noise and make it easier for you to hear the other party. Having sufficient lighting in the room can make it much easier for people to see you. We recommend Tangoing in a brightly lit room or setting up the lighting to point towards you.

Q. Missed call from unknown contact – how to call back.
Ans. If you have a missed call from someone that you don’t have saved in your “Contacts”, you can call them back by clicking on the “Recents” tab and selecting their name.

Q. How to delete a contact from Tango
Ans. Currently this is not possible – you cannot delete a tango contact.

Q. Why do I have people I don’t know in my Tango Contacts
Ans. If you don’t know a person and still see him/her in your contact list – then most probable reason could be “Tango automatically adds people who have you as a Tango contact”. So if other person have you as his contact, then you see him in your contact list.

Q. Using Tango without webcam.
Ans.  Yes, you can make and receive Tango calls without a camera. You will be able to see the person you’re speaking with (if they have a camera), but they won’t be able to see you.

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  1. Sumi says

    Hi.. I had Tango downloaded on my phone and I’m a frequent user. But I lost my phone two days ago and i wont be getting a new one before a week or more maybe. So, i downloaded Tango on my windows PC. After submitting the form, the app is asking for verification but since i dont have my phone with me and the new sim is going to take time, i cant really verify it. so, is there anyway i can verify my account.maybe through mail or something? or could you suggest some other apps for pc that dont require phone number verification?

    • says

      Tango requires verification so you need a phone number. You can use applications like Skype or Google Hangouts which does not require phone verification. This site has a list of such softwares. Hope this helps!

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