Top Xbox Live Games for Windows Mobile Phone

Xbox Games for Windows Mobile Phone

If you are using a windows phone and also a fan of Xbox 360, then I am sure you are aware of its Xbox Live feature. This Xbox Live feature of windows mobile phone (yes we are talking about games) supports multiplayer functionality and one of the key feature is to unlock achievements in some games. This particularly helps you improve your game score. It also comes with an app called "Xbox Extras" that enables you to check achievements. Xbox Live also allows you to edit your avatar (using … [Read more...]

Windows Mobile Paid Games Price Analyses

Windows Paid Games

If we talk about mobile operating system then Android and iOS are the two which undoubtedly rule the market. Windows Mobile Operating System (Windows 7.5 and 8) is also catching up and trying to get a hold of the market. What I feel is if the number of applications in the market is high, then there are good chances of OS getting popular. Microsoft taking over Nokia Mobile is a huge step in the right direction and will hopefully prove good for windows mobile OS as well. I have personally used … [Read more...]