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Instant messaging applications (the multi platforms mobile apps) are getting very popular these days. Be it Viber, Whatsapp, Hike or WeChat - all of these are liked by so many people around the globe. WeChat recently crossed 300 million customer's, which is a huge number. Good thing about WeChat is it is available for almost all mobile platforms - iPhone, Android, Windows, Nokia Symbian and Blackberry. WeChat is not just limited to text messaging (like Whatsapp) but is one step ahead and … [Read more...]

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WeChat is a multi platform application widely used for text, voice and video chat. It has gained huge popularity in a very short span of time - thanks to its complete set of features clubbed with best marketing and advertisements. Just like Facebook, now everyone using Smartphone is also on WeChat. And why not, WeChat is available for all mobile platforms - Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Nokia Symbian Phones. So what it means is if you have a smartphone (of any OS), you can use … [Read more...]

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WeChat - New Way to Connect

WeChat is a mobile application (text, voice and video app) developed by Tencent (China). WeChat has gained high amount of popularity and a huge user base in very short span of time. Its a complete multi platform application having its support for all types of devices - Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Nokia Symbian Phones. It is a new way you can connect with your friends and family. It is an integrated application offering solution for all social media tasks like Video Calling, … [Read more...]