Tango for PC : Download App and Make Free Video Calls

Download Tango App for PC

One of the most popular voice and video calling application is Tango (offcourse Skype is on top of the popularity list). Good thing is that Tango app is free and all you require is internet to make free video and voice calls. Tango like any other video/voice calling platform requires that you and your friend (whom you will be calling) both use Tango app. Just like Skype, Tango is available for almost all the platforms - be it Android Mobile, iPhone, Windows Based Mobiles (Nokia Lumia Range) … [Read more...]

How to make Free Video Calls | Free Video Chatting Apps

Free Video Calls On Mobile

Technology is changing so rapidly and almost everyone has now access to internet either on your computer or their smartphones. Gone are the days when we used to rely on letters or voice calls for connecting with our friends and family. It is now so convenient to keep in touch with our friends and family (no matter how far they live). You can use internet to send instant message to them, send pictures, cards, or even video call them - and all of this for free. Video Calling is the next big … [Read more...]

Free Video Chat/Calling Apps for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch

Free Video Callso on iPad

iOS mobile operating system has one of the biggest app store. If you find any app in other mobile app stores (Android Play market or Nokia phones or any other), then it is quite possible that its iOS version will be available. Talking about video calling on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch - it is one feature that anyone and everyone use on his iOS device. The camera quality of iPhone and iPad is pretty good which makes the video calling experience more awesome. Plus using iPad and iPhone is … [Read more...]

No Facetime for Windows PC is not available – Check Alternatives

Facetime Alternatives for Windows PC

Facetime is a widely popular (and used) video calling client available for iOS and Mac device - which includes iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and Mac computer. This piece of software was launched just few years back and in such short time it has a huge customer base. Infact anyone and everyone who has an iOS device, use Facetime for video calling. This is not because it is native app by Apple, but the call quality is way way better than most of other video calling apps. Ease of use is another factor … [Read more...]

Top Free Video Calls Apps for Android Mobile Phones

Video Calls on Android Mobiles and Tablets.jpg

Android mobile phone are very popular, it is the most widely used mobile operating system. Whether it is Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, Micromax or other phone companies app have launched their series of android mobile phones. These smartphones have made our life so easy and communicating with friends and family was never so much fun. Almost all the people use internet on these smartphones (whether it is wifi, 3G or Gprs), and quite a good number of people are enjoying video calls on mobile. In this … [Read more...]

Free Video Calls Apps for Nokia Symbian Phones

Video Calling Apps on Nokia Symbian Mobile.jpg

Nokia symbian mobiles though have lost the top position in the smartphone category however they haven't lost their charm completely. A lot of people still use Nokia Symbian S40/S60 series based phones. Infact Nokia recently launched Pureview phone (with 41MP Camera) which is also based on Symbian. So if so many people are using Nokia phones, then they certainly need all the capabilities and features available to people using android or iOS. One such feature about which many people have asked … [Read more...]

Video Calling Apps for Windows Mobile Phone


With so many people now using Smartphone, Video calling on mobiles is getting popular. All it requires is internet on mobile (wifi or 3G) and a video calling application. iPhone has a built in app called Facetime which allows people to do video chat. Android also has good list of video calling apps available for it. But when it comes to Windows Mobile (Windows 7, 7.5 or even the latest Windows 8 Phones), the number of application is far too less. That being said, some application are present … [Read more...]

Top Free Video Calling Apps for Blackberry Mobiles

Video Calling on Blackberry.jpg

Video Calling on mobiles, tablets and PC is so much popular now. Almost all the people having smartphones and internet connectivity are either regularly making video calls or have experienced video calling atleast once. All this has happened because of availability of so many video calling apps. But the case is not so straight forward with Blackberry mobile phones. It seems that Blackberry OS is quite complex and not many video calling apps are available for blackberry phones. Whatever video … [Read more...]