Top 6 Free Bill Splitting Apps for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Top Bill Splitting Apps

Going out with friends, whether for a holiday or to a nearby hotel for dinner it is important that the bill amount is split equally. If you are sharing a room (or a house) with friends, you definitely want to make sure that expenses are well managed and shared among all the friends. The conventional method of writing down on paper or asking a person to keep a record are though present and people have been following these, however it is sometime tedious task and often results in single person … [Read more...]

Trip Splitter iPhone App Review : How to Manage Travel Expenses

Share Travel Expenses

If you are going for a holiday with friends, you definitely want to ensure that the expenses are well managed and split accordingly. Most of the time what happens is that one of the person ends up paying most of the holiday expenses (in my case - I always happen to be the victim). Whether you go in a large group (more than 7-8 person) or say a small group (3-4 person), it is difficult to keep a track of travel expenses. What we have been doing is assign the task to one of our trusted and … [Read more...]