Top Free Gym Apps for Windows Mobile

Gym Windows Mobile Applications

Is it that only people having Android Mobile or iPhone are unhealthy. Obviously not your health is not related to the type of mobile phone you are carrying. But I somehow feel that smartphone has made us too lazy which indeed is effecting our health. Earlier we used to go out and play in the park, walk around and meet new friends, get social by physically meeting people. And now we play Candy Crush Saga on mobile, get social only on Facebook and Whatsapp. In short, our day to day physical … [Read more...]

Free Weight Loss Apps for Android and iPhone

Weight Loss Apps for Android and iPhone

Who doesn't like that yummy cake, cheese pizza, burger and coke. But what it in turn gives us is fat and a bulky body. Obesity is considered as a major health risk and a prime factor for many of the diseases. Losing this fat (little or lot of weight) is always a good thing - it is not only healthy and but also makes you feel good about yourself. However losing this extra kilos may not be that simple as it sound. You need to go through correct exercise routines and have a proper (and correct) … [Read more...]

Top 10 Free Android Gym Apps 2013

Top 10 Android Gym Apps

Who doesn't want a healthy, toned, muscular and absolutely fit body. But that requires doing exercise on regular basis, which indirectly means going to gym. It may sound good, but some of us either does not find time to go to gym or are pretty lazy. Do you know that you can make use of your smartphone (read this buying guide to choose the best android mobile) and use it as personal home gym. There are so many free good gym applications available for android mobile. Using these apps, not only … [Read more...]