List of Movies about Facebook – Movie Based on Facebook

Movies about Facebook

Facebook is a heavily used and most popular social networking website. Number of Facebook members (people who have signed up with Facebook) exceeds population of many countries. The number of people online on Facebook (anytime and any day) is also very very high. Facebook is no longer limited to updating your wall with your status message, it is used for playing games, chatting with friends, watching videos, reading shared content (news, pictures, videos, links), creating pages, promoting … [Read more...]

Latest Facebook Chatting Tricks 2013 : Chat with Fun

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Who doesn't like Facebooking. Who's not having a Facebook account. Social networking is just part of our life now and Facebook plays a major role. If you are spending good amount of your time on Facebook Chat (chatting with your friends), then this article is specially for you. In this post article we will share the latest Facebook Chat Tips and Tricks, which you can use and have fun. We have actually researched a lot on the internet to find these tricks (tried these on Facebook Chat) - all … [Read more...]

Hidden Secret Facebook Emoticons and Smileys : FB Chat

Facebook Emoticons and Smileys 2013

Emoticons or Smileys are those facial expressions (now this has been expanded to small images as well - having some meaning) to represent an emotion. It can be a smile [:-)] a sad face -:'( or laughing one or any other emotion. These are mainly formed by a combinations of keyboard characters (in some cases you can directly get an image - viz.. whatsapp) and these can be used on most of electronic devices. It is rightly said that an image can say more than thousands words and so are these … [Read more...]