What is sugar crush in candy crush

Sugar Crush in Candy Crush Saga what is

Candy Crush Saga is probably the most popular mobile game trending this year and one of the famous events/term in this game is called "Sugar Crush". This event gets triggered in the game when you complete a level. By completing a level we mean you complete all the objectives required in the game level. If you consider one example - in the Jelly levels you need to clear all the jelly and once that is done, level is completed. When a level in Candy Crush Saga is complete, a voice will announce … [Read more...]

Candy Crush Saga Cheats – Tips, Tricks & Help

Candy Crush Saga Game Cheats

We warned you earlier that you should not start playing Candy Crush Saga but you didn't listen. Now what has happened - we have to beg you to stop playing this game. You are a candy crush addict now. Turns out that you are not the only one playing this game but everyone else you know is also playing this game. According to the recent numbers we have got "In July, the game had 20.7 million daily active players on Facebook – a considerable growth from 9.7 million daily active users in January." … [Read more...]