Candy Crush Saga Types of Candies – All Candy List

3 candy match in candy crush saga

Candy Crush Saga is probably the most addictive games launched in recent times. Almost everyone I know is playing this game, the question is have you tried this super addictive game. Well if you have just started playing this game and trying to figure out what all types of Candies are there, what combinations are possible to create these special candies - then you have landed at the right page. In this article you will find detail about all types of Candies (specially the moves possible in … [Read more...]

Candy Crush Saga Chameleon Candies | Rainbow or Alternating Candies


One of the newly introduced candies in the Candy crush game is "Chameleon Candy". Earlier there were a few special candies specifically "Striped candy", "Color bomb", "Wrapped Candy" each having its unique feature, but the thing is people were getting bored of these. So we now have more special candies in the game called "Rainbow Candies aka Chameleon Candy". These candies are quite unique type of candies. The common names for these type of candies are "Chameleon Candy" or "Rainbow Candy" or … [Read more...]

What are Color Bomb in Candy Crush Saga – How to Make them

color bomb candy crush saga

Color Bomb is probably the most famous and "good looking" candy in this game which is popular all across the globe. People are addicted to Candy Crush Saga and play it all the time. Apart from the regular candies, this game has some special candies. The different special candies you can make in Candy Crush are the striped candies, Rainbow Candies, wrapped candies and color bombs. In this article we will talk about the "Color Bomb" type of candy and we will talk just everything about them, … [Read more...]

What is Wrapped candy in candy crush – How to make them

Wrapped Candy

There are many special candies in the Candy Crush Saga game named "Striped Candies", "Color bomb", "Chameleon Candies" and "Wrapped Candy". These candies have special features and creating/using such candies can help you clear the level easily. In this article we will explain about Wrapped Candies and everything you should be aware about such candies. If you are looking for other types of candies – then here is a complete guide on different types of Candies Crush Candies. What is a Wrapped … [Read more...]

What is Candy Crush Saga Striped Candy

horiz striped candy

Candy Crush Saga is probably the most popular game available for mobile phone and computer as well. You can play it on Android, iPhone and lot other types of mobile phone. In the Candy Crush Saga game you come across various special types of candies which have some special meaning and special usage. The different types of candies in this Candy Crush game include "Striped Candies", "Wrapped Candies", "Alternating Candies" and "Color Bombs". In this article we will explain about Striped Candies … [Read more...]