Shopkeeper and a Duplicate/Fake Note Puzzle

We are again back with one very very interesting puzzle. This particular puzzle is damn confusing, so before you make a guess think twice. You can share this puzzle with your friends on facebook or share it on Whatsapp groups. It is real fun to play this on Whatsapp. If someone has asked you this quiz on Whatsapp, then you can check the solution here.

ShopKeeper and a Duplicate Note Puzzle

A lady buys goods worth Rs.200 from a shop. Assume that the shopkeeper is selling the goods with zero profit. The lady gives him Rs.1000 note. The shopkeeper gets the change from the next shop, keeps Rs.200 for himself and returns Rs.800 to the lady. Later the shopkeeper of the next shop comes back with the Rs.1000 note saying “duplicate” and takes his money back. So the question is “How much LOSS did the shopkeeper face?”

a) Rs 200
b) Rs 1000
c) Rs 1200
d) Rs 1800
e) Other

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fake note or duplicate note puzzle on whatsapp

Answer – Solution

The answer of the above puzzle is Rs.1000. Want to know How?

Solution 1

In order to calculate how much is the shopkeeper loss, we simply have to get the profit of the lady and other shopkeeper. Keep in mind that profit of someone is basically loss of the shopkeeper.

Loss of first shopkeeper = (Profit of the lady + Profit of the second shopkeeper)

Profit of the lady = Rs.200 (for goods) + Rs.800 (for the change she received) = Rs.1000
Profit of the second shopkeeper = Rs.0 (as he got his money back)
So the loss of the shopkeeper is = 1000 + 0 = Rs.1000

Solution 2

Another way to look at this problem is to check how much the first shopkeeper gave to others and what he took from others.

Loss of the shopkeeper = What he gave to others – what he gained from others.

What first shopkeeper gained -:

From Lady: Zero (as the note was a duplicate one)

From Second Shopkeeper: Rs.1000

What he gave or what he lost -:

To Lady :- Rs.200(goods) + Rs.800(change)
To second shopkeeper : Rs. 1000

So the net loss = (200 + 800 + 1000) – (1000) = Rs.1000

There are other ways to look at this problem but the answer is Rs 1000 !

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    Everyone says Rs.1000 is the answer i.e., loss to shopkeeper is rs.1000/- which is wrong. The answer is rs.1800-/-

  2. ravikymar r says

    Correct answer is 2000Rs
    Calculations( tips: don’t calculate mathamatically, calculate logically)

    1. Lady got 800 rs original notes + 200 goods for her 1000rs fake notes.

    2. other Shop person got zero loss and zero profit. he give 1000 fake noteand gets his 1000 orginal note back.

    3. Shop keeper (our hero): Gives 1000 original notes and gets 1000 fake note to pocket. also give 800 rs and 200 rs worth goods to lady.

    so, total loss = 1000 fake notes + 800 orignal notes to lady + 200rs goods tolady= 2000 Rs loss

  3. Ayesha says

    Money given back to lady=800
    Goods given to lady=200
    1st shop keer had to pay back to 2nd shop keeper=1000
    total loss to 1st shop keeper=2000 not 1800 or 1000!!!

  4. Nirmal says

    Answer is Rs.1800

    Shopkeeper gets Rs.1000(Fake Note = 0) and give Rs.1000Fake note to another Shop Keeper and got Rs.800 and Rs.200. ShopKeeper 1 gave the Rs.800 to that lady and keeps that Rs.200 with him. Again Shop Keeper 2 came and got his Rs.1000. Now Shop Keeper would keep his 200 and he has to shell out 1000 to ShopKeeper 2 and 800 to Lady which is 1800.

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