How to Run Mobile Apps on Computer : Best Android Players for PC

Android is one of the most famous mobile operating system. Anyone having Android mobile just loves his mobile. The reason is simple, it is because of availability of thousands of cool apps and games available for Android. However the concern is that the Android Platform isn’t available for computer. What it means is that you cannot directly access and play android apps and games on your computer.

Is that it ? Though Android OS isn’t available for laptop but you can still enjoy all the applications on it.
How ?

This is possible with the help of an android player (popularly known as Android Emulator for PC). These android players create a virtual environment on your PC which exactly looks and feels like accessing an Android Mobile on your computer. With these players installed on your PC, you can access any app or play any game which was available in Google Play (Android App Store). Lets looks at the available Android App Players.

Note: The below list is as of May, 2013. We will update this list as and when any new Android Players is launched.

BlueStacks App Players

Link: Review about BlueStacks

I would say BlueStacks is the best android app players (in the list of currently available ones). Not only it is very simple to use, it features a very clean interface and almost all the apps are readily available. You can also sync up your phone apps with BlueStacks players. It also features a full screen mode which gives you great experience while gaming.

  1. It is free to download and use
  2. Very easy to use software
  3. Almost all Android Apps are available in BlueStacks
  4. Sync up and maintain same apps on Android Mobile and your laptop.
  5. Available for Windows and Mac PC both

YouWave Android App Player

Link: Tutorial about YouWave

This is a paid software but easy to use one. Good thing about Youwave is that it offers support as well. It has a forum where people discuss and find solutions to common problems. It costs $15 for basic edition and about $20 for home edition.

  1. Free Trial for 10 days and after that you will have to purchase
  2. Easy to setup and once installed it is also easy to use.
  3. Available for Window7/Xp/Vista and Not available for Windows 8

Android SDK on Computer

Link: Tutorial about installing latest Android SDK (for app development and testing)

Google does not offer Android OS for computer but in order to develop apps for android, people need some platform. Google offers this Software Development Kit (SDK) with an emulator having the latest version of android (Jelly Bean). Though this emulator is offered so that you can test apps on it, but you can make use of this for accessing apps and playing games.

  • It is Free
  • Always the latest android versions is offered (even though not available for most of mobiles)
  • Difficult to setup
  • Once setup is done, it is easy to use.

Intel Appup for PC

Link: Tutorial on Intel Appup for Windows PC

How about simply installing a software (that too a very trusted software) and then simply get all the popular android apps on your computer. That is what Intel Appup is offering. It is a digital store for existing and new PC software, applications, content and entertainment. This piece of software (android player) is developed by Intel Corporation for Microsoft based computers, ultrabooks, netbooks and laoptops. With this emulator (android player), you will get easy access to thousands and thousands of android applications (both free and paid ones).

  • Intel Appup is free
  • Very easy to setup – just few clicks and you are done
  • Easy management and searching for android applications – search feature is superb.
  • Damn easy to install apps – one click installation process for android apps
  • Works great (very stable) software for Windows based computers
  • Not available for Mac PCs

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