Instagram Video Sharing App on iPhone, Android

Instagram (acquired by Facebook for 1 Billion) is a highly popular social networking service. Its a mobile and web application that allows you to take pictures, apply digital filters and share these on social networking sites. Not just limited to this, it allows you to follow other people (and get followed) and also get photo feed updates of other people.

Instagram is being liked by many, infact it has grown pretty big with million and millions of active users. More than 16 billion photos have been shared, receiving about 1 billion likes everyday. Instagram has now expanded its service – that is video capture and sharing. This service is called “Video on Instagram“.

It now allows iOS and Android users to shoot video, edit the video, filter it (beautify it) and share these videos on social networking sites such as Facebook. However the video’s are limited to maximum of 15 seconds. This article is in continuation with a series of Instagram tutorials, so we recommend reading other posts first.

Video on Instagram

This is a great move by Instagram and Facebook. Not many other applications have this feature. Infact none of the existing apps in this space have gained any popularity or become a winner, so it will be interesting to see how Instagram goes with this. From a user perspective clicking pictures/editing them is surely fun however more fun is with Videos. Imagine capturing a video (at any life event) and just applying filtering which completely gives your video a new dimension. Your Instagram videos are expected to get more likes and comments!

Tutorial – How to capture and Share Videos on Instagram

Below is step by step tutorial on Videos on Instagram feature

Update the application

This video feature is quite new and not available in the old version of the app. So please update the app to install the latest one. Open the app store (or Google Play) and go for updates. Get the latest version (4.0) of Instagram.

Please note that this Instagram’s new features only work on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean devices or newer. However reports have been that people are facing problems on android when using video on Instagram. People have even complained that it didn’t even worked on devices like the Samsung Galaxy S4 (which runs latest Android).

Tap Camera Button

On the home screen, tap the Camera button at the bottom of the screen.

Instagram Camera Button

Tap the Video Camera button

Now Tap the Video camera icon to the right of the Camera button.

Instagram Video Button

Capture Video

Make a good angle before you start shooting your video. Frame your shot properly, now tap the round Video Camera button in the middle and hold it to record. A blue bar will start loading to show how long you’ve recorded. When you want to stop or pause – leave the tap on video button. Now change your angle and tap and hold again to add another clip. To delete an unsatisfying portion of a clip, tap the arrow to the left of the Video Camera button.

Instagram Video Recording

Apply Digital Filters

Once you have filled the whole video (completed 15 second shoot or you are done with it), click next. Now you will be presented with different filters for your video. Instagram has the options for about 16 different filters. You can swipe across the screen from right to left to see them all and try them out on top of your video.

In order to see how the video looks after applying filter, select any filter and wait. The clip will play in a live preview of what your filter will look like. Its generally a good idea to see the whole video before you actually go on to save the video. Again when you are done, click next.

Instagram Video Filter

Cover Frame

You will be asked to choose a cover frame for your video. It is the image which appears by default on your video.

Instagram video cover

Share your Videos

You need to add a description about your video. It is recommended that you use a good description of your video and MAKE SURE TO USE HASHTAGS (as shown in the image). Hashtags are important to easily find the videos (publically). You also have the option to share your video on social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. When you are done, click share.

Instagram Video Sharing

View your Video

One done, video will appear in the photo stream. Click on the video to view it – you can alternatively look for hashtags to search the video. You can also view other people videos – these auto-play on your feed by default. As you scroll, videos start playing once you take your finger off the screen. Videos are indicated by a video camera badge on the top right of the image. This may take a while as videos generally take few seconds to load.

Instagram Video Feed

Video Recording Tips on Instagram

Audio Tips

  • In on a mobile – Use your hands-free set, which has a built-in microphone
  • Use an external microphone, like the iStabilizer iRig mic (Apple)
  • Make a removable wind sheild (called a “deadcat” in the film industry) for your device’s microphone

Video Tips

  • In order to create quality videos, keep your camera steady and pick a engaging subject.
  • Avoid motion video (where you are moving). Also avoid how to videos are these need to be long and Instagram offers only short videos.
  • Combine Images – to create a video
  • Keep audio in mind – don’t loose attention on audio, it is also very important
  • Capture videos with good lighting
  • Consider using a tripod or something to stabilize your hand and phone.
  • Choose a good cover photo – something like “open me”, “click me”, “interested ?” will work pretty good to get good views.

Video on Instagram doesn’t work

If you are using Instagram then try consider using this new Video feature.

  • Make sure you are using the latest Instagram on your iPhone/iPad
  • For Android, make sure you are having Android 4.0 or above (it does not work on below android OS)
  • Recording – make sure you press and HOLD the Camera button, then only video capture will take place

If video on Instagram fail’s to work, let us know in the comment section. We may help you out.

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