How to Play Ruzzle Game on your PC for Free

If you are good with words then this game is definitely for you. Ruzzle is a fast paced and a fun game where you have to make words from letters, you can challenge your friends to compete against you or allow Ruzzle to automatically choose an opponent.

The game is pretty simple “Who can find most numbers of words in two minutes“. After the great success of Temple Run 2 for PC and Subway Surfer for PC, people asked us to share a video (and tutorial) on Ruzzle for computer. This is because like lot of other android applications, Ruzzle does not offer any app for PC. Moreover making words by swiping your fingers on mobile is fun, but making words on computer and competing with friends can be super fun.

Ruzzle on PC

  • You just need to use mouse (instead of swipe) on PC to make words
  • This game can be very addictive
  • Find as many words as possible on a board. The letters may form words as long as they are connected to each other.
  • Nice audio and animations make it even more fun to play.
  • The matches are played in three rounds and the highest total number of scores wins.
  • The rounds can be played when it suits you. You can get going as soon as you have two minutes to spare!

In this tutorial we will teach you how you can play Ruzzle on your laptop or desktop. Though we have made this tutorial with Windows PC, but you can follow the steps on Mac as well. What the method requires is to download BlueStacks named Android Player on your PC. Without going into much details, lets write down the steps.

Requirements: Computer with Internet Connection (Windows OS or Mac OS both works)

  • Install BlueStacks on Pc
  • Install Android App Ruzzle on BlueStacks Player
  • Start Playing this game
  • Any Questions

Install BlueStacks on Computer

In order to download this game and start enjoying it, you will need to install an android player called BlueStacks on your computer. You will also need to configure it properly so that it works fine. We have already written a detailed tutorial about this, check the video below :

Read: Facing Problems with BlueStacks ? Find Solution

Once you have got your android player up on computer, then follow the rest of tutorial.

Install Ruzzle for PC

Now that you have got your Android emulator up on your computer, you can get Ruzzle Installed on your PC. Either follow the steps as described in the video or follow the text version of it.

Follow the below steps:

  1. Start the BlueStacks Player application on your computer.
  2. Click on Search button at top right. Enter “Ruzzle Free″ in the field.
  3. You will be presented with results, select the result “Ruzzle Free” and click install.
  4. Now it will show you some results, in the results click on “Ruzzle” under option (1 – first column)
  5. The game will take some time to download.
  6. Once downloaded, it will be visible in the “My Apps” Gallery (comes up when you click the home button). Click Ruzzle App in My Apps.

Playing Ruzzle

  • Playing this game is pretty simple, just follow the onscreen instruction
  • You can try the practice mode (if non of your friends is available)
  • Use the mouse to create words

Facing Problems while Playing Ruzzle

  • Make sure you are using the latest version of BlueStacks Player – uninstall the old one and install the latest
  • Force close the Ruzzle App and start the bluestacks player again
  • Don’t overclick and wait for app to open up – be patient

If you have any specific issue, post this in the comment section.

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