How to get Free Space in Dropbox

My hard drive just got crashed and I have lost all my documents, pictures, videos and other important stuff. Turns out that I haven’t even created a backup of my data and it seem I am screwed. I have tried various software’s to recover lost data, but all in vain. Does this sound familiar ?

Even if you have not experienced such a situation, you still should take precautions so that this does not happen with you. Question is what can you do about this – should I take backup of my data time to time. Won’t it be to tedious. Can all this be automated ?

Yes, simply store all your important data on the cloud. That is store your data somewhere on the internet (cloud) and not on your local hard disk. Now since all your data is on the cloud, you can access it anywhere in the world (as long as you have access to internet). Moreover all your data is secure and backed up every time, so you never lose your data. Now question is which is the most popular, easy to use and a reliable service which I can use – Dropbox.

We won’t go into the details of using Dropbox (lets leave that tutorial for some other time), what I am interesting is the space – How much data can I store on my dropbox account. Can I store all my pictures, videos, documents (which is about 500GB) on the Dropbox ?

Certainly not, Dropbox (or for that matter any other cloud space provider) does not offer so much space. Any cloud service offer limited space so you should save only important data on dropbox.

  • Free Space: Any cloud service offers limited amount of space as free space (which is few GBs or few MBs)
  • Buy more Space: Dropbox and other services offer paid space – buy space for a some price.

How to Get Free Space on Dropbox – 22.85 GB Plan

I have decided to go with Dropbox and now I am trying to get all the free space – as much possible. I have tried all possible ways to get free space – as described below.

2GB – Register for Free (Total – 2GB)

Dropbox Free Signup

  • First thing first – simply register with Dropbox and you will get 2GB  of signup bonus for free.

Total: 2GB

Refer a Friends (32 Referral: 16GB) – 500 MB/Each – Total (Free 18 GB)

Dropbox Refer a Friend

You can get extra space by inviting your friends to try out Dropbox. If a friend uses your invitation to sign up for an account, installs the Dropbox desktop app on a computer, and signs in to the app, both of you will receive bonus space.

  • Free accounts get 500 MB per referral. You can earn up to 16 GB in referrals.

You can track the status of your referrals from the bonus space tab of your account settings. Note: Your friend needs to install the Dropbox desktop app on a computer and sign in to the app in order for you to get the extra space. Installing only the Dropbox mobile app on a phone or tablet will not qualify.

Total: 18 GB

Link your Mailbox iOS Users – 1GB Free (Total 19 GB)

All you need to do is in this offer is to link your Mailbox account with Dropbox. First you need to install both Dropbox and Mailbox application on your iOS device.

Once you have the Mailbox’s iOS app installed, just go to the Settings menu, tap on “Dropbox”, add your account information. You now have more space to store photos, files, music, and movies. Don’t worry if you’ve already connected the two services together — just unlink them and reconnect again to pick up the 1GB.

No app updates are needed (Dropbox acquired Mailbox in March)

Total: 19 GB

Dropbox Tour – 250 MB Free (Total 19.25 GB)

Dropbox Tour - Get Started Free 250 MB

Go to your dropbox account and select this page –

Now you will see a link for “take Dropbox tour”. Click this and you will be guided through a tour, which will earn your 250 MB free. Lets see how much we have got :

Total Dropbox Free Space : 19.25 GB

Connect Dropbox to Facebook/Twitter and Give Feedback – 600 MB (Total 19.85 GB)

Dropbox Social Connect

  • Connect to your Facebook Account: 125 MB
  • Connect to your Twitter Account: 125 MB
  • Follow Dropbox on Twitter: 125 MB
  • Positive Feedbox of Dropbox: 125 MB

Total Dropbox Free Space : 19.85 GB

Camera Upload (3GB Free) : Total 22.85 GB

The latest versions of the iOS and Android apps and the Mac and Windows desktop applications include a new feature called Camera Upload that automatically puts all the photos and videos you take on your phones, tablets, and cameras into your Dropbox. To help you get started with the new feature, we’re giving you 500 MB of free Dropbox space for every 500 MB you upload via Camera Upload, up to a total of 3 GB.

All you have to do to get your free space is test our Camera Upload feature. Here’s how:

  • Upload a photo using Camera Upload and you’ll instantly get 500MB of extra Dropbox space
  • If you’ve finished importing your photos using the desktop application, you may still have to wait until Dropbox finishes syncing before free space is applied to your account
  • Every 500 MB you upload via the Camera Upload feature bumps you up another 500 MB
  • You can bump your Dropbox storage up six times for a total of 3 GB of free space. In other words, to reach your limit you have to upload 2.5 GB through the Camera Upload feature

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