How to Get Free Instagram Followers and Likes

Instagram a very popular mobile and web application allows you to click photos (or take videos), apply digital filters to them (which can make it look prettier) and share them on social networking websites such as Facebook. Turns out that these types of applications are becoming too hot – Last year, Facebook bought Instagram for whooping 1 Billion Dollars.

Its rightly said that pictures can say more than words – and people love to share them. Many social networking pandits predict that Picture sharing will be the next big thing and people will share every life moment on social networks. With the smartphones having good camera and amazing quality, anyone and everyone is taking pictures.

Instagram adds effects to your pictures and allow you to directly upload them to social networks. That’s not all – you can add friends, follow people and get followed. You can tag people and HashTag images. What it means is increased visibility – your images are viewed by a bigger audience. Who knows your image can go viral and may get featured on any magazine cover.

If you are new to Instagram, consider reading following articles:

Why More Instagram Followers & Likes are Important

When you share a picture or a video on Instagram (and it is public), then people can like your pictures. This increases the visibility of your image. You can follow people on Instagram, what it means is you will get photo feed updates of the photo which these people share. Similarly other people can follow you and they will get your photos/videos as feed updates. The questions is why should consider getting more Instagram Followers and ultimately likes to your photos.

Grow Business – Build Brand

Instagram has more than 100 million monthly active users, it gets 8500 likes per second and more than 1000 comments are shared per second. It simply means that Instagram has huge potential, huge community of people to be tapped in. People who are commenting/like on car photos must be having interest in Cards, similarly people liking food pics have interest in food/health – this all means targeted business customers. However in order to grow your business and target these people on Instagram – you need to first get more followers on Instagram. This simply means more brand value.

Are you Photographer – Pic may get viral

Whether you are a professional or an amateur photographer, I am sure you love clicking photos. What’s more exciting than to share these with the world and get more likes and comments on it. Your photo can get viral and may be some day your picture get featured on a magazine cover (or someone may hire you). However first you need to follow some tips and get more followers on Instagram

Market Products using Photos

If you have a significant number of followers than you can target people and market products. For example – running a sales campaign on Instagram by sharing some product pictures. But first get more Instagram followers.

Tips on Getting Free Instagram Followers and Likes on Photos

Next thing – how to get more Instagram Followers (and get them for free). Follow the tips as specified below and instantly see the difference in number of people following you.

Share Funny, Human – Good Pictures

Instagram is basically about sharing pictures and if it is good, it will surely be liked by people. Most important thing is to share images which are funny, emotional, personal – pictures with people can relate, picture which other people will appreciate. Funny pictures or may be the emotional pictures are the ones which get maximum likes. Everytime you post a picture ask this question “If someone else would have posted this, would I have liked it”. Photos need not to be perfect – it just needs to have a human touch to it.If your picture is good – it will be liked and people will follow you.

  • Funny Photos instantly get hit among people
  • Personal photos are quite unique and also are a favorite of followers on Instagram.
  • DO NOT post nude or adult pictures
  • Followers also like photos of fancy food, travel, products, clothing – anything with which people can relate

Be Social – Connect your Facebook Account

You are talking about Instagram which is basically a social networking websites. It is a high chance that people who follow you on Facebook and Twitter will also follow you on Instagram. This is one of the easiest thing to do “Connect your Facebook and Twitter Account with Instagram“. Make sure that every photo you share on Instagram will get shared on your Facebook wall. Imagine that you share an ultimate picture on Instagram – this picture gets posted on your Facebook Wall – this picture is being liked by your friends on Facebook and they either like it or share the image. Their is high chance that the picture gets viral on Facebook. Ultimately there is very high chance that you will get more followers on Instagram!

Not to mention, Instagram helps you now auto-follow or find all your Facebook friends in seconds. By connecting your Facebook account, you make it easy for all your friends/network find you easily.

HashTags – Use Maximum Tags

Next time you share a photo on Instagram, make sure you hashtag it. Trust me people use Hashtags to search images – for example if I want to see Ford EcoSport picture, I want to use hashtag “FordEcoSport” to get photos of this car. Use good number of hashtags for your photos.

  • You can add a maximum of 30 Hashtags for your photos.
  • That being said, you should consider adding 5-10 hashtags per photo (so that it does not looks like spam).
  • When you use hashtags, it gives more chance that your photos are found and people show interest in the.

Use Relevant HashTags

Not only you should use HashTags but you should use a relevant tag – for example when sharing a car pic, you should use tag related to car like “FordEcoSport”, “Car”, “Ford”, “EcoSport” and not any random tag. Also make sure to use popular Hash tags – the popular ones change quite frequently and vary according to trends, news and pop culture.

Use Filters

The type of filter you use on an image does matter and it can make your photo look more pretty. Filters give beauty and uniqueness to your photo. People want to see beautiful photos so use filters. Normal, Earlybird, X-Proll and Hefe are among the most popular filters on the entire site. Better the picture you share higher are the chances of people following you.

Be Active – Like and Comment on other’s photos

Explore photos on Instagram – like and comment on other people photos. Be an active user and engage with others, so people will follow you back and will like back your photos. This works pretty well on Twitter and also work on Instagram

  • Try to Like about 50 to 100 photos each day – Liking is very popular among social media connections. Its very easy and very effective.
  • Try to comment more often about 10 to 20 comments per day – You are more likely to get a new Instagram follower if you comment on someone’s photos.

Follow other People

If you follow people, they will follow back. This has been one of the most successful method on twitter and it works pretty well on Instagram as well.

  • Follow people who have less number of followers – they are more likely to follow back
  • Follow only people who are active, who post regularly
  • Do not over follow

Not only Pictures but Share Videos

Videos are more likely to get viral… Share funny videos, share unique videos, share emotional videos, share comedy videos.. Don’t just post pictures but share videos as well.

Use Cover Pictures for Videos – “Click Me”

When you share videos, use a cover photo. And use a cover photo which makes it likely that people click on it (view it). Use Cover photos like “Click Me”.

Timing is the Key to More Instagram Followers

There have been many studies on “What is a good time to share a picture on Instagram”. Study shows that if you share a picture at a peak time, it is highly likely to get more views than sharing your photo at irrelevant or odd times. Monday at 5pm PST is the best time to post a photo. That is when you are most likely to get the most amount of comments and likes on your photos. The second most popular time to post a photo is either on Wednesday or Thursday at 3pm PST.

Another study shows that activity on photo (view/comments/likes) are most active during the first 3 hour of photo sharing. Try to make the photo popular within first three hour of photo sharing, that is, during this time share the picture (Instagram photo link) on Facebook, twitter and other social networking. Moreover whatever campaign you are deciding, maximize this during first three hours.

Instagram Tools

Consider using following tips and tricks which can help you get more Instagram followers :

  • Geotag your photos -: It is generally a really good and effective idea to share your photo’s location. Next time to travel or go for holiday, share pictures and geotag them. So the people who are planning to visit the same area are highly likely to check out your profile and follow you.
  • Make your Instagram Profile Popular : Try sharing your Instagram profile on your website, as a signature link, on forums, social networking websites. For example : AppNina Instagram Profile
  • Combine Images – This is another really interesting idea, that is, combine 4 images (like different emotion) and create a single image. Share the same on Instagram
  • Photo Collage : You may consider creating a photo collage of about 20-30 photos. This is likely to get famous and people will be interested to check your other photos.

Buy Instagram Followers and Pic Likes

If you don’t want to wait and instantly need Instagram followers, you may consider buying them. If you search internet you will see many websites offering packages like “Buy 1000 followers for this many dollars…”. We don’t recommend this method – We haven’t tried this and have no trust on such blackhat methods. Still its your money and your choice – make sure you do not end up buying followers of Fake Instagram Account’s..

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