Google Android Key Lime Pie Expected Features

Google’s ANDROID 5.0 – key lime pie has started making news. It is expected that “Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie” will make its debut later this year (October 2013) with the all new Google Nexus 5 (Samsung Galaxy Note 3). However the excitement among the android lovers is already at its peak, as people have pretty high hopes with this new android. Another exciting thing about Android operating system is its name (based on desserts).

It started with Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice cream sandwich, Jelly Bean (4.0) and the latest one in series is Key Lime Pie (5.0). There has not been any official word from Google about Android 5.0 release data and its set of features, however the rumors keep us so busy. Good news is many of these expected features are set to make it to the official Key Lime Pie! One thing is for sure that this Android release is expected to be quite stable (which always has been in favor of iOS) and crash free. I hope Google learns from its past mistakes and come up with something really good.

Expected Features – Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie

Lets look at the rumored or the expected set of features for Key Lime Pie!

GPS Camera

What’s the big deal about this camera – Its a mode, an auto mode of Camera. Your smartphone has a GPS tracking, so it is easy to find out your phone’s location. Now along with your phone location, time of the year, weather conditions can be gathered from internet and camera could be automatically set to ideal settings. According to the people over at Product-Reviews, a patent application has already been filed for a new-generation GPS controlled camera. So this tech is beyond those high megapixel, resolution camera (Nokia has been relying on camera resolution for 1020 lumia) – something which is much more exciting. We will have to wait and watch till the curtain unfold.

Better Power and Performance

Power and Performance of android mobiles (or smartphones) in general has always been a major concern. We all have to charge our smartphones atleast once a day (sometimes even twice a day). Even in the standby mode, these phone keep consuming too much battery. Android 5.0 is expected to have different profile – like lower power mode (low brightness and less features), Gaming mode (with high performance but less power efficient) etc. In short, Key Lime Pie is expected to give your phone a boost in terms of power and performance.

Native Video Chat Applications

iOS has Facetime – this is a major plus in favor of iPhone users. Android users have to rely on other Video Calling Applications for video chatting. Google is expected to launch a native video chat application (who knows – may be Google Hangout) inbuilt in the Android 5.0. Native app is always bug free and provide excellent call quality (because its tested heavily).

– Along with the video chat application, we expect the app to support voice and video mail.

Google Babble

Babble was the code name for Google’s cross-platform service and app. It stated with the aim to unite all the various chat services into a single app – this includes Gtalk, Hangout, Voice, Messenger, Chat on Google Plus. Babble is renamed to Google Babble and is expected to make its debug in Key Lime Pie. So probably the above native video chat app will be Google Babble. Google Babble will be supported by devices running Android 2.3 and above

Multi Select Contacts

What if you want to send a text message or a mail to multiple users. You have to go the message/mail client and then add contacts there. How about you select multiple contacts at once and send message to all at once. This is a very basic requirement and we are hoping it makes to Key Lime Pie.

Easy Sync Up – Cross Device

I have a samsung mobile and am planning to switch to HTC android mobile. The fear I have is what will happen to those thousands of SMS I have in my phone. Currently there is no easy way to sync up your old phone with the new phone. Well, Google is planning to make this process so easy. IF you change your device (you will be able to backup your SMS in your gmail account) and then sync up your new phone with your same gmail account. So all your data is restored on your new phone.

Change in Interface

People constantly want something new, so can we expect a new bright interface. We are wondering if Android 5.0 might come up with something new, more bright, changed fonts and style. Something more easy, more intuitive and user friendly.

Social Media Integration

Lets face it – Social Media is growing pretty fast and is already biggest thing. Android needs to cash on this fact and do something about it. Out of the box, Android does not really care for social networks, so in Key Lime Pie we are expecting better social media integration. May be custom skins, an app to combine all social media account feed – why leave everything to smartphone makers when Google itself can bring all these features.

Battery and Performance Update

Why can’t we have a percentage bar (like 68% remaining) kind of thing at the notification bar for Android 5.0. Moreover it would be nice to have some performance notifications like – “App xyz running from 10 hours but not used – consider closing it for better performance”.

Improved security

Security is a still a left out problem in Android mobiles. We have seen Antivirus companies cashing on this – we have seen Google Play store being infiltrated with apps containing malware. This time what we are expecting is an OS which fully secure and malware free. No holes in the system!

Turn of OEM features

How cool it would be to turn my Samsung/HTC/LG mobile into a native untouched Android OS. When Android 5.0 comes into the market it will have its own set of feature (Called Vanilla OS). These OEM partners such as Samsung/LG/HTC will then mod this OS to make it compatible with their phones. This will turn off/modify certain features. It would be so cool to turn off this customization and revert back to Vanilla OS. Like kind of switch – turn on/off OEM customizations.

Find my Mobile

This is again a very high priority requirement (from users point of view). Since smartphones comes with GPS, you would expect a simple feature to tell you where your phone is. That is location of your phone – just incase you lose it.

Offline and Better Maps

Nokia Lumia has been leading in this space with allowing people to download maps of a particular are and allow navigation to it. So if you are planning a holiday you can download the map of that area and navigate in that zone for free (even if that area does not have internet connections). Yeah it consumes battery – but that’s fine!

Cloud Backup

Google should provide every user some space and allow people to take complete backup of their mobile (and its data) in that cloud. So that whenever you change your mobile – its damn easy. The backup should include all your photos, music, messages, videos .. everything that your phone currently has. Its just you switch hardware (mobile), rest everything gets into your new mobile without any hassle.

Upgrade to Android 5.0

Samsung Note 3 is expected to come up with Android 5.0 but what about the ones having Samsung Galaxy S4 and other mobiles. Samsung is yet to officially confirm this, however it is highly likely that the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Note 8.0 and Galaxy Note 10.1 will get Key Lime Pie upgrades.

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