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Technology is changing so rapidly and almost everyone has now access to internet either on your computer or their smartphones. Gone are the days when we used to rely on letters or voice calls for connecting with our friends and family. It is now so convenient to keep in touch with our friends and family (no matter how far they live).

You can use internet to send instant message to them, send pictures, cards, or even video call them – and all of this for free. Video Calling is the next big thing which everyone is talking about – You can actually see the other person and it is like they are just in front of us.

Good thing is you can use internet and make video calls for free. So absolutely no money is involved. This article is about Free Video Calls from your mobile or your computer – we have tried to cover every minute details. However if you feel that something is missing, then please let us know in the comment section and we will be happy to update our post.

How is Video Calling Possible

If your mobile fulfills the requirements (check the below sections), then you will be able to video call your friends and family for free. You can video call from your computer, mobile phone, tablet, Television, Gaming Console (PSP) and many other devices. The video calling experience is pretty amazing – you need to atleast try it out.


  • Mobile Phone (SmartPhone) or Computer or Tablet – You need a device with which you will be making video calls
  • You need to have internet (fast speed Wifi or 3G connection) in the device from which you will be making calls
  • Camera – If on mobile phone then you need a phone with front facing camera, if on laptop then it needs to have a camera, if on tablet – it again needs to have a camera
  • Microphone – Mobiles/Tablets have this but if you are using Desktop/Laptop, then make sure it has a microphone and speakers
  • Video Calling App on your Mobile or Smartphone – This is an important requirements. You need to download and install an application (software) which you will be using to make calls.  Additionally you need to ensure that both the parties (you and your friend) have the same app installed.

Possible Ways

Basically you can make video call from any device to any device

  • Make video calls from iPhone to Android Mobiles and Vice versa
  • Make Free Video Calls from Android to Blackberry
  • Call Blackberry from Nokia Mobiles and vice versa
  • Video Calls from Computer to Blackberry/Nokia/Android/iPhone/iPad or any other..
  • In other words – every damn possible combination works!

How to use Apps

We have said above that you and your friend both need same video calling application installed on your mobile or computer. Say if you are using WeChat – then you need to have this app and your friend also needs the same app on his device. Using the app is pretty simple –

  • Download the app from app store
  • Install the application
  • Create a account (register) – you will get a username
  • Add a few friends (some apps add friends by default using the mobile number/email)
  • Call them (video calling button).
  • If your friend is connected to internet, then he will be able to pick up the call.

Video Calling/Chatting Apps for Nokia Mobiles

Nokia mobiles based on Symbian Operating system are quite old. We expected that there will be plenty of apps for Nokia phone which offer video calls but the sad part is there are very less number of video calling apps available for Nokia phones. Moreover video calling is not available on ALL the Nokia phones – you need to have a phone with front facing camera and with the latest Symbian OS. However there are still a few apps easily available to offer video calls. Fring, Skype and IMIChat are the ones which offer free video chat. You need to check the link below to know more about this.

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Video Calling/Chatting Apps for Windows Mobile

Windows mobile are the latest ones to come up in the market and app development take times. That is the reason unlike iPhone and Android, video calling apps for windows mobile are less in number. Moreover not all Windows mobile come with front facing camera (all the latest ones have this feature). Nokia Lumia range of mobiles with front facing camera offer video calling facility. Skype and Tango offer video chat apps for windows mobile and these work pretty well – good call quality.

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Video Calling Apps for Windows Computer

Computers (PC) were the oldest devices to receive this feature – so many video calling applications. Skype has been in the market for so long and it offers this video calling facility for so long. People have been using windows computer to make video calls and do video conferences. We have a whole list of video calling softwares available for windows pc – to name a few : Skype, Google Hangout, ooVoo, Fring, WeChat, Viber, Yahoo Messenger, Paltalk and many more. Making video calls from your Pc is also very easy. Check the link below.

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Video Calling/Chatting Apps for Android Mobile

Android Mobiles are so popular and their is nothing which you cannot do from your Android Mobile. If you look at the number of Video Calling apps the list is pretty long. Almost all the voip companies offer their video chat apps for Android mobiles. Google recently launched its native app Google Hangouts which offers free group video calling. If you are planning to buy a mobile phone with the aim to make video calls, then go ahead a zero in on Android phone.

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Video Calling/Chatting Apps for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch

iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone all have an app which no one else have – Facetime. Its a native application by Apple itself which offers amazing video quality. And if you look at Facetime alternatives for iOS devices, then that list is also very long. These apps allow you to call other iOS device – iPhone to Android. The top on that list is Skype and ooVoo. Camera quality of iPad and iPhone is also really great which makes the video calling experience too awesome.

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Video Calling/Chatting Apps for Blackberry Mobiles

It is a well known fact that Blackberry mobiles are quite popular among corporates. However these mobiles were losing their charm because of unavailability of applications for these mobiles. Turns out that they have launched a new operating system. The new OS comes with some a few video calling applications. To name a few Blackberry video calling apps – Skype, Blackberry Messenger, Faceflow Video chat, WeChat!

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Facing Problems ?

Though we have tried to cover everything related to video calling, however if you are facing any difficult or problem making video calls then please let us know in the comment section. We will be happy to help you out!

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