Free Video Chat/Calling Apps for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch

iOS mobile operating system has one of the biggest app store. If you find any app in other mobile app stores (Android Play market or Nokia phones or any other), then it is quite possible that its iOS version will be available. Talking about video calling on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch – it is one feature that anyone and everyone use on his iOS device. The camera quality of iPhone and iPad is pretty good which makes the video calling experience more awesome. Plus using iPad and iPhone is relatively very easy (when compared to Android mobiles), which means that any non tech person can also enjoy all benefits of a smartphone (specially the video calling feature).

This post covers on how you can make free video calls from your iPad/iPhone. You might be already aware of Facetime (Apple Native client for video calling), however it requires that you and your friend both have iOS device. This article will cover all other video calling apps which will allow you to make video calls from your iPad to your friend’s Android Mobile.


  • iOS Device – iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with internet connection. Wifi or 3G both works pretty good to make video calls.
  • Video Calling Application for your phone – your friend must also be using the same app on his mobile

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Lets quickly check the list of top free video chatting clients for your iPad/iPod Touch and iPhone. We have tried to avoid the apps which are solely available for iOS devices, as you won’t be able to call your friends who do not have iPhone/iPad.


Facetime for iPad, iPhone

Facetime is the native video calling application by Apple itself. It comes by default in iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch (you will not need to download it). Facetime offers excellent call quality and uninterrupted service. The user interface is also very clean and making calls is damn easy. You just need to click on your friends name to make a call. The call will put through provided your friend is also connected to internet. The sad part is that since it is native app – Facetime is not available for any other device (Android, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows etc). So you won’t be able to use this for calling Android mobiles. Moreover the app does not show which of your contacts are online (or even Facetime), so it is difficult to know which of your friend you can call at a particular time.

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Skype for iPad

Skype is the next best video calling app for iOS devices. I personally use Skype on my iPad for video calling and find it quite useful. Just like Facetime it also offers excellent video call quality. The good thing about Skype is it is not just limited to video calls – you can use Skype for instant messaging, voice calls to your Skype buddies or even phone calls to normal mobiles (this is paid under Skype out plan). On top of that you can also enjoy group video calls (video conferencing) with upto 12 people. Skype recently added the feature of sending video message – which is also pretty awesome. As Skype is available for all types of operating mobile system and tablets, it is a totally necessary application. Skype is a complete package.

The sad part about Skype is that you need to create a Skype account and add contacts in your Skype account. Basically to call a friend you need to know his Skype ID (or do a search based on mail id/name etc). Had it been like Whatsapp (where friends are added by default from Phone number itself), it would have been one stop app for video calling.


Tango for iPad

Tango has applications for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Nokia Phones and what not. Just like Skype, Tango is available for all the devices – which makes it convenient to use a single app and allows you to call any of your friend. Together with the availability – the app is pretty stable, intuitive and very user friendly. The call quality offered by Tango is also good which makes it a must try iPhone/iPad application.


ooVoo for iPad

We talk about Video calling and don’t include ooVoo in out list – that’s quite impossible. ooVoo is famously known as Skype killer. ooVoo is well known for offering free video calls with multiple people. It is widely used for free video conferencing. Actually Skype requires that anyone of the members on a group video chat needs to have a premium account, however that is not the case with ooVoo. It allows free video chat with upto 12 people at same time. Apart from offering video chat, ooVoo also offers a whole bunch of features. Moreover ooVoo is also available for Android mobiles – which makes it easy for us to call our friends having Android mobiles.

Google Hangout

Hangout for iPad

Google Hangout is recently launched and is quite new video calling service if you compare it with others. Moreover if you check its review in the app store, you will see people complaining that the app crashes a lot. Nevertheless it is by Google – and it needs to be included in this list. It offers free video calls and free video conference with people using the same app on same device or any other device (Android etc..). The new version of the app is expected to be less buggy and more people will use it. It is just like using Gmail chat/Gtalk on your iPhone.

WeChat for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

WeChat for iPad

If you watch television (or surf a lot on internet), then you must have seen the WeChat advertisements everywhere. The time WeChat was launched it had nothing new – it was simply an instant messaging application, just like Whatsapp. It had similar features – like no need to create login, friends will get added from mobile number etc. When Whatsapp was working so well, why should have people switched to WeChat. Turns out with time, they have added whole new set of features – which includes Video Calling, Voice Calling, Video Messages. Moreover they have bombarded every space with their advertisements that people are just tempted to atleast try them out. In my view WeChat is pretty good and you must try it out.

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