Free Video Calls Apps for Nokia Symbian Phones

Nokia symbian mobiles though have lost the top position in the smartphone category however they haven’t lost their charm completely. A lot of people still use Nokia Symbian S40/S60 series based phones. Infact Nokia recently launched Pureview phone (with 41MP Camera) which is also based on Symbian.

So if so many people are using Nokia phones, then they certainly need all the capabilities and features available to people using android or iOS. One such feature about which many people have asked is Video Calling. Essentially the only requirement of video calling is internet on mobile, video calling application and a phone with front facing camera. If your phone is having all of these then you can enjoy video calls on your mobile.

  • Calls from one smartphone to other smartphone using same application is always free – If you are using app “X” on your Nokia phone and your friend is using same app “X” on his android, then you two can video chat each other for free.
  • Need for high speed internet on mobile: Video call quality will be poor with gprs connection. It will be good either with 3G or Wifi connection.
  • Your phone should be having front facing camera. You can also use rear camera of your phone for video calling.

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That said, everything boils down to availability of video calling applications for your Nokia Phone. We have done lots of research and below is list of top free video chat apps available for your Nokia phones. Using these apps is pretty straight forward – just download, install, create an account. Add a few friends (some apps don’t require to add friends as these are added automatically) and straightaway video call them (there will be a video chat button on the app).

PS: Some of the Nokia Mobiles have built in video calling facility (with a video call button). You can also make use of this feature for video chat, however the concern is that you can only call friends also using Nokia phones (and probably the similar models). Once such phone is Nokia N8.

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Fring Free Video Chat

Nokia - Fring Free Video Chat.jpg

The new version of fring enables free communication between Symbian and iOS, Android devices. You can make free video calls between users (this also includes free international voice calls and text chat with friends). You can also make use of fringout feature to call any regular phone at cheap international rates. You can either download the application to your PC and then transfer to your phone or directly download and install to your mobile. Visit the OVI store to check the compatibility of Fring video chat with your nokia mobile. I guess this works with Nokia Asha Range as well.

Fring is even compatible with skype also, and uses api of skype to make video calls. So video chatting from skype friends is also possible. Fring is the BEST Video Calling Application for Symbian phones.

Skype for Nokia Mobile – Video or only Voice?

Skype on Nokia Phone.jpg

Skype is the most popular video calling client. With Skype on your Nokia mobile, you get all the benefits on your phone and you can save money and stay in touch when you’re on the move. I just checked the Skype website however they don’t list Nokia phones on their website, so not sure whether this actually works on not. So please try this on your Nokia Phone and share your review with us.

  • Make free Skype-to-Skype calls and IM on 3G or WiFi.
  • Save money on calls and texts (SMS) to phones abroad.
  • Share pictures, videos and other files from your phone.

Video Chat – IMICHAT

imiChat for Nokia Phones

imiChat offers free mobile video chat on Nokia mobiles. It an instant communication application that connects mobile handsets and PCs, allowing users to communicate with each other using live text messaging as well as two-way interactive video. This works on 2.5G GPRS networks as well. Only thing is I am not sure whether this app is available for other mobile platforms like – Android and iOS. This is very important because only you will be using this app and your friends on Android may not be using the same app – which in turn means no video calls to them.


RockeTalk for Nokia Mobile.jpg

This is basically a social network applications that allows you to make new friends, sending FREE voice, video and photo messages and creating your own communities. Again not sure whether this is available for other mobile platforms.

If you are aware of any other video calling application for Nokia Symbian Phones, then please share with us in the comment section. We will update the post accordingly.

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