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The image you see above is an example of word cloud but how did I created this image. It is certainly not rocket science and it turns out there are plenty of websites (popularly known as text cloud/tag cloud/word cloud generators), which allows you to create such interesting images.

However all of them may not be useful and working on them will prove to be tedious. So we have checked all of these and captured all the working and easy to use ones in this article. But before we go onto discussing various text cloud generators, it will be interesting to know what can you do with such images and what kind of images (patterns/colors) you can generate.

Most of the cloud generators offers different patterns (word’s forming a kind of a pattern – an animal, love shape, rectangle, cloud, oval, circle) and the list if long. Not only you can generate different types of images but you can actually change the color scheme as well. This now makes the image more interesting and beautiful. Next thing is loading the words – you can either write some text (copy paste) or most of these generators even allow to load the text from a webpage (this makes life more easy).

What’s the use

My friend asks me – why will I create such images. What’s the use of it ?

  • Useful for bloggers – Use it as a featured image on your blog post, as I often do
  • Useful for designers/artists – Haven’t you seen coffee mugs or T-Shirts with such word clouds. These images look real good on mugs, t-shirts etc..
  • Useful for Analysts – I want to do an analysis and find out which keyword is used most on the page. What will I do – simply load the page in word cloud and top words will appear more prominently.
  • Useful for Facebookers/Twitters – Act cool and post such images on your fcaebook wall. Impress people, show your skills.
  • Decide your own reason to try these !

1. TagCrowd


TagCrowd Website Link

  • Allows you to paste text, build cloud from webpage and also allows you to load a file
  • You can limit the number of words on a page
  • It also allows to limit the word frequency and exclude some words
  • Cons: Does not offer any colors or different patterns

2. Tagxedo

Tagxedo Word Cloud

Tagxedo Website Link

  • My Favorite – I use it all the time (above featured image is created using Tagxedo)
  • Offers different color scheme, themes, fonts and much more..
  • Fine-tune with lots of options
  • Save as images for printing and sharing
  • View your word clouds as thumbnails, and pick the one you want for further tweaking or saving
  • Choose from many standard fonts
  • Use custom fonts (e.g. downloaded from Font Squirrel, DaFont, FontSpace, or your own hand-drawn fonts)
  • Constrain the word cloud to selected shapes (heart, star, animals, etc)
  • Use images as custom shapes (e.g. a portrait, an animal silhouette)

3. WordItOut


Website Link

  • Create randomly positioned words, where the most important words are bigger than the others
  • Create word clouds from sentences, whole documents, web addresses or tables.
  • Decide how to filter that text, which words to display or remove, and tweak their importance with ease.
  • Design your word cloud as you like, find that perfect layout, choose your own colours, fonts and sizes (and how to mix them), or let WordItOut find a random look for you!
  • Does not allow to load from webpage – BAD !
  • Changing colors and all is possible

4. ToCloud


Website Link

  • Frequency (keyword density) of the words in the page is used as the weight even though some other metric might be used.
  • If you are a SEO specialist, you can use this tool to get better insight into your customers’ web pages.
  • Allows to add text or load from a webpage
  • You can also add title to your image

5. Tagul

Tagul Word Cloud

Website Link

Tagul is designed for web masters and designers – It offers you postcards, mugs, t-shirts, and more stuff with word clouds art. Tagul clouds have many customization options like custom fonts, cloud shapes, colors, etc. Tagul clouds give a more fancier looks.


ABCYA For Kids

Website Link

  • Word clouds for kids
  • The appearance of a word cloud can be altered using the graphical buttons above the cloud
  • Allows you to type or paste word – no loading of webpage
  • Change color, orientation
  • Randomize words again and again
  • Adjust the number of words in an image

7. ImageChef

ImageChef Word Mosiac for Facebook

Website Link

  • Ideal for Facebook posting
  • Write a comment or poem in the shape of hearts or other symbols.
  • Send a greeting or post to Facebook or your blog.
  • Change shapes – smiley shaped word cloud

8. TagCloud Generator


Website Link

  • Create Flash Cloud
  • Simple tag cloud generator – allows to add URL
  • Create image based on criteria like – minimum word length,  maximum word count, minimum word count etc..

9. Wordle

Wordle Word Cloud

Website Link

  • Clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text
  • Tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes.
  • Images you create with Wordle are yours to use however you like

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