No Facetime for Windows PC is not available – Check Alternatives

Facetime is a widely popular (and used) video calling client available for iOS and Mac device – which includes iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and Mac computer. This piece of software was launched just few years back and in such short time it has a huge customer base. Infact anyone and everyone who has an iOS device, use Facetime for video calling. This is not because it is native app by Apple, but the call quality is way way better than most of other video calling apps. Ease of use is another factor in favor of Facetime (contacts are added from your device address book and you can call them instantly). However please note that just like other video client – it also works if both the people (calling each other) are using the same facetime.

As said above, Facetime is available only for iOS device and not on Windows PC. Many people have been asking me about this question “How can we use Facetime on our Windows computer/laptop and call my friend on his iPhone/iPad”. The short answer is “No, you cannot use Facetime app on your computer“. There are few tutorial (blog’s) claiming to provide a solution for using Facetime on windows, but trust me it won’t work. Sometime back Apple gave hints of launching Facetime for other clients as well (including windows computer and Android mobile), but it has not been made official and its not in the market.

Facetime Alternatives for PC

Above argument does not mean that you cannot make video calls from your Windows PC and nor does it mean that you cannot call your friend who is using iPhone. There are a huge list of Facetime alternative (video calling apps) available for windows computer (desktop/laptop). Check the list below.

  • Most of the apps in below list are quite comparable to Facetime in call quality (some may even be better) and ease of usage.
  • Just like other apps – in order to video call – you and your friend both needs to have the same software (app) installed on your computer or smartphone.
  • Below software (video calling apps provider) have mobile apps as well – so make Pc to Mobile video calls
  • All it requires is internet connection

Time to check the list of Video Calling Applications for Windows PC (works on Desktop and Laptops).

1. ooVoo for PC

oovoo for windows computer

ooVoo is one of the best video calling software – not only it is free to download and use, but it has amazing video calling quality, excellent customer support and it is damn easy to use. The best thing about ooVoo is that is also offers free video conference with upto 12 people (video calls with multiple people at same time).

You can use ooVoo on your windows PC or your Mac or your smartphone (iOS and Android mobile) or your tablets. Just download this application to your computer and start video chatting with your friend and family for free.

ooVoo for Desktop Features

  • Group video calls with up to 12 people
  • Record and send video messages
  • Record and upload calls to YouTube
  • Send instant messages to your contacts on ooVoo
  • Set up a web chat room for free

We would rate ooVoo as the best alternative for Facetime (Skype’s coming later). So trust me if you have not yet tried ooVoo, you should do so.

2. Tango for PC

Tango for windows computer

Tango is another very popular and easy to use video calling application. Not only Tango is available for windows computer but it is also available for iOS device, Android Mobile and even Windows 7/8 mobile phone. You can use it to make Pc to mobile video calls. Another very useful feature of Tango is that it adds friends based on your mobile number. So no need to create username (like Skype), just use your mobile number and your friends (in your address book) will be automatically visible to you.

  • After the download completes, click the SetupTango.exe to launch the installer
  • Start Tango and register with your mobile number. This will make it easier for your friends to find you
  • If you already have Tango installed on your mobile device, you will receive a verification code to verify your number and sync with your PC.
  • You can also use Tango for free audio calls and text messages.
  • Great quality on 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi

3. Skype for PC

Skype for Windows Computer

Skype is the most popular video calling application. Skype was recently acquired by Microsoft and it still remains the number one voip service. Skype has been rated as best alternative to Facetime (simply because huge number of people use it). It is the oldest service and almost all my friends are on Skype. The reason’s you should try it out are just too many:

  • Excellent Voice and Voice call quality with Skype – same as facetime
  • Make phone calls to normal mobile (national and international) with Skypeout feature
  • Use it for instant messaging and sharing pictures and videos
  • It has excellent customer support
  • Skype is available for almost all the device and platforms – So use it anywhere, anytime and on any device
  • Many of your friends are already using Skype – instantly start video chatting with your friends on Skype.
  • Offers Free Video Conference with multiple people – one person needs to have a premium account
  • Oldest, Trusted and most widely used service

4. Google Hangout for PC

Google Hangout for windows pc

Google talk has been around for quite a long time now and its text chat is very very popular. Not so popular is the video chatting facility in Gtalk. Turns out that the video chatting service has been changed to Google Hangout. So this video calling facility is owned by Google and just like its other products this service is quite good. Google Hangout offers video chatting with multiple people at same time – collaborate with others at just click of free buttons and that too for free. Good thing is that it is available for all types of platforms – Android mobile, iPhone and computer as well. So do free video chat with friends and family for free.

Recently many politicians, students, professionals have also started using Google Hangout for their conference – simply its awesome!

5. Yahoo Messenger for PC

Yahoo Messenger for Windows PC

There was a time when everyone was making their email ids on Yahoo and almost everyone was using Yahoo messenger. Their chat was too popular – specially the chat rooms. Yahoo messenger has not died out and many people still use it. It now offers video chatting as well. Again a good alternative for facetime on windows!

6. FriendCaller for PC

FriendCaller for Windows Computer

One of not so known voip service and video chat service is FriendCaller – but its really good. It is available for your Browser, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android phones and tablets. Make Video calls from mobile to your computer.

  • Group Video Chat
  • Multi media messaging
  • Call Me Link
  • Facebook Connect
  • Free Audio Calls
  • Calls to normal mobile at cheap international calling rates.

7. Paltalk for PC

Paltalk for Windows PC

Paltalk offers Video Chat Rooms, Group Video Calls, Friendly Video Community, Mobile. It is available for windows, android, iOS and Mac. It also offers group video chat – Share good news all at once. Chat face-to-face with up to 10 friends. Paltalk mobile (app on smartphone) also has this feature “Take your friends with you. Free group video calls for up to 10 people.”

8. Viber for Windows PC

Viber Video Call on Windows Computer

Viber has been launched for windows computer and it includes video calls. Viber is one of the most widely used voip (voice) app on mobile phone. Viber was not having a PC app but now it has been launched. Viber does not ask you to create account – it is linked with your phone number, so anyone and everyone in your address book who has viber installed can be called for free. It was a revolutionary application and instantly got hit among people.

  • Viber desktop/laptop version not only offers voice calls but also video calls
  • Viber video calling is not yet available for smartphones (coming soon) – you won’t be able to make video call from Pc to mobile.

9. Voxox for PC

Voxox for Windows Computer

Voxox is a popular mobile app (also available for computer) – it offers free text, sharing and video chatting facility.

  • Grab the app, invite your friends and get calling in just a few minutes. Calls to other Voxox users are always free.
  • SMS in Network is always free. Voxox also supports Fax and major messaging networks. Call, SMS & Chat in one place.

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