How to Play Subway Surfer on PC for Free

Subway surfers is a very popular mobile game. In this game, a player keeps running endless on a subway (train track). Some people are so much addicted to this game that all day they keep playing this game in order to achieve new high scores. Subway Surfer is officially available for iOS devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch), Android mobiles, Kindle (which is also based on android). If you have a smartphone (smartphone buying guide), then I am sure you must have played this game atleast once. Though Subway Surfer is a mobile game, however playing it on your computer is more fun.

Why Subway Surfer on PC

The question is why should we play this game on computer. What’s so interesting ?

  • Playing games on a bigger screen with more sound is always more fun
  • This game is so addictive that you would want to keep playing this every time (and on every gadget)
  • People not having a smartphone can still enjoy this game

How to play Mobile Games on PC

This tutorial will teach you how you can play this super awesome game on your computer. Just like Temple run on PC, this game can be installed with the help of an android emulator named BlueStacks. Here we will install a virtual android environment on our computer and then install Subway Surfer apk (android application) in this android environment.

  • Tutorial is very simple and easy to follow
  • Subway sufers works great on BlueStacks
  • Tutorial is divided into four parts : Getting Android Emulator (BlueStacks up on PC), Installing Subway Surfer on it, Playing the Games, Common Issues which people face with this game on laptop/desktop.

We would request you to follow this tutorial step by step. At the end of this tutorial if you have any questions or face any difficulty (or issue with the game), then please feel free to ask us in the comment section.

Install Android Emulator

The first step and most important step in this tutorial is to install the Android Emulator – BlueStacks on your computer. Please read this tutorial carefully.
Once you have installed the Bluestack app player then follow this tutorial further.

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Install SubWay Surfer on BlueStacks

Follow the below steps:

1. Start the BlueStacks Player application on your computer. Click on Search button at top right. Enter “Subway Surfer″ in the field.

Subway - click on search

write subway surfers

2. In the results shown select and click on Subway Surfer.

click install subway surfer

3. Now it will show you some results, in the results click on “Subway Surfer” under option 1.

select subway surfer

4. The game will take some time to download.

let subway surfer download

5. Once downloaded, it will be visible in the “My Apps” Gallery (comes up when you click the home button).

click subway surfers in my apps

Play SubWay Surfer on PC

Once you have installed the app, just open the app. This will start Subway surfer game.

 Subway Surfers in Play on PC

  • You may have to click a few times before the actual game begins. Ex. Click on Play
  • Controls: The arrow keys on your keyboard just works fine for moving left and right.

Video Tutorial

Common Problems

Question: I can see it says “tap to play” but when I click this, it does not work.
Solution: One this is that you need to install the latest version of BlueStacks (which has fix for Subway Sufer). Moreover Arrow keys (Left Right Up Down) have also been mapped for ease. Also as said above, you would need to click with mouse (several times) before the game actually begins.

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