Download Youwave Android Emulator for Windows PC

Android is a highly popular operating system for mobiles and tablets. The popularity is not only because the basic OS itself is good (in terms of look and feel), but it is mainly because of availability of thousands and thousands of (free and paid) apps for it. But when it comes to PC, android OS is not not made for it. Does that mean you cannot access those supercool and amazing android apps on your computer.

Turns out that you can actually get access to those apps by following few simple steps and download a light weight software. We are talking about Android Emulator on your PC. It is a simple piece of software, once installed will create a virtual android environment on your PC.

When you open this software you will feel exactly like operating an android mobile or a tablet. You will be able to install the android applications in this virtual environment (run any app or play android games on it). Google itself provide SDK tools which can be installed on your computer and get you an emulator on PC, but that method is quite complex. There are some third party (direct one click emulators) available which are pretty simple to use. One such emulator is Youwave (another very popular emulator is BlueStacks).

Youwave Android Emulator Details

  • Supports Android 4.0 ICS (Home Version new) and 2.3 Gingerbread (Basic Version)
  • Runs on Windows XP/Vista/7, 32/64 bit: Not available for Windows 8
  • Send and receive pictures from/to your hard drive (new): This is highly useful when sending pictures via messenger like Whatsapp or Skype.
  • Simulated SD card functionality – enables app data saving
  • Enables multi-player online games: Again very useful
  • Volume control buttons
  • Retractable control panel

With Youwave you can easily run android apps and store these on your PC. Good thing is that they have their own app store where you can download the apps. It has high performance and is quite easy to install and run apps.

YouWave Price: Is it really worth it ?

Youwave android for pc is not available for free download. This is one major concern which is stopping several people to use this software, as its is a paid one (and not free).

  • You need a PayPal account or a Google Checkout account for this transaction.
  • To purchase the Activation Key for Basic version (US$14.99) or for Home version (US$19.99), please choose a payment method below. The Activation Key allows you to use the software indefinitely for one machine. No renewal is required (one time cost)
  • After the transaction, your Activation Key will be displayed and emailed to you.

YouWave Pricing

Anyhow you still get 10 day free trial, so you may try this software out and only purchase if you like it.

If you have already made up the mind to purchase this software, then you should consider buying the home edition which has more latest version of android (ICS) running on it. The basic version is still stuck at Gingerbread.

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YouWave Issues

Please note that YouWave for Android currently does not work together with Oracle VirtualBox due to conflicting libraries. We are working on solving this conflict and in the future users of VirtualBox can still run YouWave for Android software. YouWave may not work side by side with VirtualBox, inside it does. This msg comes from YouWave running within a virtual XP-SP3 box.

Other Android Emulator for PC (Windows and Mac)

Please note that as stated above, Youwave is not the only android player for PC. It is one of the android emulator and certainly not the best one. Other android emulator’s are BlueStacks, Intel Appup, Google SDK.. We have separate article on each – just go through all of these and decide which one you want to use. We suggest BlueStacks!

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