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Where’s my water is a highly popular Disney mobile puzzle video game developed by Creature Feep. The game got really popular and people loved playing this game on their mobile phones – be it Apple’s iPhone, Android Mobiles, Windows Based Phone or Blackberry based mobile phones. The game requires players to route supply of water to a alligator. This game has been rated by many blogs and websites as top and most amazing game. The lead character “Swampy” is being liked by so many people.

On the touch screen mobile phones you need to use touch to dig through the dirt and redirect the water toward an inlet leading to swampy bathtub. In some levels you are required to route the water through other pipes (or use machines) in order to open up the route. In short the game is so addictive that once you start playing it – there is no end till you finish all levels. This game remained my favorite for a pretty long time!

Where’s my water – Game Background

Where’s My Water? was launched with four chapters – “Meet Swampy”, “Troubled Waters”, “Under Pressure” and “Sink or Swim” — each containing 20 levels. New chapters are rolled out with updates, each featuring new gameplay mechanics. The game is pretty awesome and its very difficult to explain this in words. So check the video below.

Paid Version

The paid version of the game cost about $1 (yes its cheap) and you get all the levels of the game. This paid version also include all four chapter’s as stated above (Swampy, ALLIE’S STORY, CRANKY’S STORY, MYSTERY DUCK

Free Version

There is a free version of this game – In this FREE version, play 15+ challenging puzzles featuring Swampy. Well that’s all – you will not get to enjoy those awesome 300 plus levels in this free version.

Where’s my water for PC

Where;s my water for PC was never officially launched for PC. However even if you don’t have a smartphone (Android or iPhone or Blackberry or Windows), you can still follow our tutorial and play this game on your computer. The below tutorial works well on Windows or Mac PC, so enjoy this game on your computer and let us know your reviews.

The basic idea behind getting this game for PC is that it is available for Android mobile phones. So if we get an Android emulator running on our PC (a software which brings the Android mobile experience on computer itself), then we can install the apk on computer itself. You can make use of any android player for PC to get this game. We will use BlueStacks or Intel Appup to get this game on PC.
Requirements : You just need computer with internet connection. We will use mouse (instead of swipe) on PC to play this game.

Install Android Emulator

In order to download Where’s my water and play this game on our computer, you will need to install an android player called BlueStacks on your computer. You will also need to configure it properly so that it works fine. We have already written a detailed tutorial about this, check the video below :

Related : You can also use Intel Appup on your PC to play this games. Read that tutorial to install Intel Appup on your computer. Rest of the tutorial assumes that you have installed BlueStacks/Intel Appup on your computer

Install Where’s my water using BlueStacks

I am assuming that you have followed the bluestacks tutorial and have successfully installed it on your computer. Next step is to download the application on Bluestacks and then play this game. Follow the steps below :

  • On the home screen of BlueStacks you will see a search icon where you can search for particular application. Click the search icon and type “Where’s my water”
  • Select the free app …

Where's my water bluestacks

  • The game will be searched in various app stores. Select any app store – I usually select the left most one. Its your choice.

Where's my water bluestacks app

  • Click to download and install.
  • The game “Where’s my water” will get downloaded on your PC and it will automatically get installed as well.
  • Once downloaded, it will be visible in the “My Apps” Gallery (comes up when you click the home button). Click “Where’s my water” App in My Apps.

Play Where’s my water

  • The game will start automatically – let it start first (you may have to wait till it loads properly)
  • Use the mouse to play the game (make a path).
  • You can also use arrow keys to play this game

Please note that it is a free version of this game – in order to play the full version. You will have to buy the game “Where’s my water” and then play it on bluestacks.

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