Download Fring for PC Free – Group Video Calls

Fring is a highly popular mobile application for group video calls, video calls, voice calls and live chat with friends and family. Before Viber and Whatsapp came into the market, every other person was using Fring application. It has been around for quite a long time – developed back in 2006. This app has still not lost its charm and large number of people use this application for communication needs.

The popular Fring features used are “Four way group video calling“, “Video chat on 3G or wifi“, “Chat it up with your buddies on the go – live texting at its best“, “Free calls to friends worldwide who are also using Fring“, “Call regular phone using Fring out“. What’s the primary feature of mobile phone that everyone uses – off course its calling and texting. However when you use your normal mobile telecom company for these you end up paying huge phone bills (especially with international calling).

That is where apps like Fring help – it allows you to call other people who are also using Fring for free. You can also use Fringout for calling normal mobiles (even international calls). The thing is what if you don’t have a mobile phone to download Fring (a smartphone) and still want to use these super features. You can use Fring on your PC. Please note that Fring officially does not offer any PC application – No Fring.exe available, so we will have to use some workarounds.

Fring for PC – Free Download

You can use this fring application on your computer and use all these features.

  • Make Free Calls from Fring on your PC to people using Fring on mobile
  • Make Calls to mobiles (non Fring users) from your PC

Coming to the idea of using Fring on your computer – Basically Fring is freely available on android mobile phones. If you install the android emulator on your PC (which is a free software which brings the complete android mobile experience on your computer itself), then you can install the android apk of Fring on your computer. In simple words, you need to install two things.

  1. Android Emulator on your computer – works on both Windows and Mac PC. We will use BlueStacks android emulator for this task.
  2. Install Fring Apk on bluestacks emulator.

Requirements :

  • You just need computer with internet connection – Fring for windows 7 or Windows 8.
  • Fast DSL or Broadband internet connection works best with fring for the video calling features.
  • You will also require a PC with camera and a microphone – Laptop has both

Install BlueStacks

In order to download Fring for free on your computer, you will need to install an android player called BlueStacks on your computer. You will also need to configure it properly so that it works fine. We have already written a detailed tutorial about this, check the video below :

Please make sure that you have followed the tutorial step by step – otherwise you will face too many issues. Many people have used BlueStacks successfully to play android games on computer, however many other have faced problems installing this application. If you are facing any BlueStacks Issue, consider reading our solution guide on BlueStacks.

Install Fring on PC For Free

I hope you have followed the above tutorial video to get BlueStacks installed on your computer. Next step is to download this game on Bluestacks and then play this game. Follow the steps below :

  • Once you open the bluestacks app you will see a search button at the top. You can search for various apps here. Click the search icon and type “Fring”

Search Fring on BlueStacks

  • This will search various app stores for Fring Application. Select the leftmost app store to download the app. Though you can choose any of the app store to download the app.
  • Click to download and install.

Download Fring for free

  • It will start downloading Fring for PC, and eventually after the download the installation will begin immediately.
  • Once downloaded, it will be visible in the “My Apps” Gallery (comes up when you click the home button). Click “Fring App in My Apps“.

Configure Fring on your PC

  • Open Fring by clicking on the Fring icon in the My Apps.
  • Select your Country code by clicking on the “Flag” – select the country where you are residing
  • Once selected – country code will be available
  • Enter your MOBILE pr CELL phone number in international format. Please do not use any area code – number like (for India – 91989676xxxx)
  • Click “Continue” for your activation code.
  • Activation code will be sent to your mobile phone as sms

Fring Activation Code BlueStacks

  • Enter the code on your PC – sent to your mobile
  • Click “Continue” after you entered your activation code.
  • You now have Fring on your PC

We hope that you are able to download, install and use Fring application on your Pc. You can use Fring as you would normally on your mobile – there is nothing complicated. We tried and were able to make video and voice calls from our PC itself (using the Fring application).

However if for any reason you are facing any difficulty to use Fring on your computer – then please let us know in the comment section. We will be happy to help you out.

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