Coconut Wheel in Candy Crush Saga – Candy Crush Booster

Candy Crush Saga is one of the most addictive games played by huge number of people all over the world. One of the special candy in this game is “Coconut Wheel”. Also known as Coconut ring, it is a very powerful booster with so many different uses (depending upon which type of candy you swap this Coconut wheel). The Coconut Wheel special candy booster appears only in the Ingredients levels. In appearance Coconut wheels are a round pink candy with a black liquorice center. It looks like as shown in the image below.

coconut wheel in candy crush saga

How to get Coconut Wheel Booster

You can either win this Coconut Wheel booster on the booster wheel or you have option to buy this booster. Please note that Coconut Wheel cannot be created in-game and can be either won or purchased.

Buying Coconut Wheel – Is it possible ?

Yes you can buy it with gold or real money. You can buy Coconut wheels in the Yeti shop.

How to unlock Coconut Wheel in Candy Crush

Coconut Candy gets unlocked in level 14 and as stated above it can be used only in ingredients level. Please note that Coconut wheel will NOT be present on the board by default (at the start of the game). In order to use them during the game, you will have to click on it (click tick on the Coconut wheel booster) before you start the actual game level. When you click on the coconut wheel booster you will get it randomly dropping during the game (in most cases then it will be on the board at start of the game).

Starting in episode seventeen, Chocolate Barn, a coconut wheel can come out of a Mystery Candy. Starting from episode eighteen, Delicious Drifts, onward it can be on the board under marmalade at the start of an ingredients level.

On which levels does Coconut Wheel available ?

It is only available to use on ingredients levels – the levels where you have to get nuts or cherries down the board.

How to use Coconut Wheel – What does it do

In order to use the Coconut Wheel candy you will have to swap it with another candy. Please note that you can’t explicitly move this candy. To activate a coconut wheel, one must switch it with the candy next to it. The coconut wheel will start spinning and turn the next three candies in that direction into striped candies and activate them.

Note -: Try to turn it horizontally as it can then bring the ingredient straight down to the bottom and complete the level.

What are benefits of Coconut Wheel – When to use them

Coconut Candy Booster is a very useful candy as it can help create lots of striped candies. Combinations of Coconut wheel with special candies can result in even more amazing results as described in the next section. There is really no bad level to use Coconut Wheels, however as these are very powerful and useful candies, it is recommended that you save them for levels you’ve been stuck on for a while.

Coconut Wheel Demo

Coconut Wheel Combinations – Mixing Coconut Wheel

You can swap the coconut candy with normal candies to create the striped candies. However swapping this Coconut wheel with other special candies can give very amazing results.

  • Coconut Wheel + Striped Candy – First thing it does it similar to swapping it with normal candies, that is, it turns the normal three candies striped. However then it goes back and turns up to another three candies on the same row/column into striped.
  • Coconut Wheel + Wrapped Candy – This move with turn the entire row into wrapped candies. This can be very useful for breaking both blockers and bringing down ingredients.
  • Coconut Wheel + Color Bomb – Now it depends on the direction it will start rotating, however it will turn the entire row/column into striped candies. Moreover the color bomb also gets detonated.
  • Coconut Wheel + Coconut Wheel – One Coconut Wheel turns the entire row/column into Striped Candies and detonate them all at once. Then this is repeated for the other Coconut Wheel. Amazing results – try this !

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