Free Online Text Cloud Generator – Tag Cloud Generators

Word Tag Text Cloud Generators

The image you see above is an example of word cloud but how did I created this image. It is certainly not rocket science and it turns out there are plenty of websites (popularly known as text cloud/tag cloud/word cloud generators), which allows you to create such interesting images. However all of them may not be useful and working on them will prove to be tedious. So we have checked all of these and captured all the working and easy to use ones in this article. But before we go onto … [Read more...]

How to Watch Colors TV Serials Online For Free

ColorTV Serials Online Watch Free

We all love watching television and when it comes to Indian television shows, there is just no comparison. Most of evening time in Indian homes are spent watching these television series. Many husbands even complain that there wife's are completely addicted to these daily soaps and don't give proper time to them. Turns out that all the TV channels don't get so much attraction and are not that much popular. Its simple - better and popular the TV show is, higher will be channel's chances to get … [Read more...]

How to get Free Space in Dropbox

Free Dropbox Space Cloud Storage

My hard drive just got crashed and I have lost all my documents, pictures, videos and other important stuff. Turns out that I haven't even created a backup of my data and it seem I am screwed. I have tried various software's to recover lost data, but all in vain. Does this sound familiar ? Even if you have not experienced such a situation, you still should take precautions so that this does not happen with you. Question is what can you do about this - should I take backup of my data time to … [Read more...]

Top 25 Free Tumblr Themes with Download Links

Free Tumblr Themes

This article is all about Tumblr Free Themes which can give a complete new look and feel to your blog. There are hundreds of themes out on internet, however most of them are outdated, boring. The themes which we rate as good (premium themes) come at a price. So, we have done lots of research and made this list of Tumblr themes and template which are free, beautiful and latest ones. We should rather be calling this as "Tumblr 2013 Free Templates". We have also included the snapshot of the … [Read more...]

Google Android Key Lime Pie Expected Features

Android5 Key Lime Pie

Google's ANDROID 5.0 - key lime pie has started making news. It is expected that "Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie" will make its debut later this year (October 2013) with the all new Google Nexus 5 (Samsung Galaxy Note 3). However the excitement among the android lovers is already at its peak, as people have pretty high hopes with this new android. Another exciting thing about Android operating system is its name (based on desserts). It started with Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, … [Read more...]

How to Get Free Instagram Followers and Likes

What is Instagram App

Instagram a very popular mobile and web application allows you to click photos (or take videos), apply digital filters to them (which can make it look prettier) and share them on social networking websites such as Facebook. Turns out that these types of applications are becoming too hot - Last year, Facebook bought Instagram for whooping 1 Billion Dollars. Its rightly said that pictures can say more than words - and people love to share them. Many social networking pandits predict that … [Read more...]

List of Movies about Facebook – Movie Based on Facebook

Movies about Facebook

Facebook is a heavily used and most popular social networking website. Number of Facebook members (people who have signed up with Facebook) exceeds population of many countries. The number of people online on Facebook (anytime and any day) is also very very high. Facebook is no longer limited to updating your wall with your status message, it is used for playing games, chatting with friends, watching videos, reading shared content (news, pictures, videos, links), creating pages, promoting … [Read more...]

How to take a screenshot | Mac | Android | Windows | Linux

How to Capture your Screen

Screenshots (capturing what's displayed on your device screen) are important and sometimes completely unavoidable. At times taking a screenshot of your mobile screen or computer screen can be very confusing and prove to be a tedious task. When on a computer (specially the windows ones), it was really easy with a click of a keyboard button (print screen) however this button may not be available on all the devices (specially Mac device, Linux devices and your mobile phones). You could be … [Read more...]

Latest Facebook Chatting Tricks 2013 : Chat with Fun

Facebook Logo

Who doesn't like Facebooking. Who's not having a Facebook account. Social networking is just part of our life now and Facebook plays a major role. If you are spending good amount of your time on Facebook Chat (chatting with your friends), then this article is specially for you. In this post article we will share the latest Facebook Chat Tips and Tricks, which you can use and have fun. We have actually researched a lot on the internet to find these tricks (tried these on Facebook Chat) - all … [Read more...]

Hidden Secret Facebook Emoticons and Smileys : FB Chat

Facebook Emoticons and Smileys 2013

Emoticons or Smileys are those facial expressions (now this has been expanded to small images as well - having some meaning) to represent an emotion. It can be a smile [:-)] a sad face -:'( or laughing one or any other emotion. These are mainly formed by a combinations of keyboard characters (in some cases you can directly get an image - viz.. whatsapp) and these can be used on most of electronic devices. It is rightly said that an image can say more than thousands words and so are these … [Read more...]