How to Play Subway Surfer on PC for Free

subway surfer pc

Subway surfers is a very popular mobile game. In this game, a player keeps running endless on a subway (train track). Some people are so much addicted to this game that all day they keep playing this game in order to achieve new high scores. Subway Surfer is officially available for iOS devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch), Android mobiles, Kindle (which is also based on android). If you have a smartphone (smartphone buying guide), then I am sure you must have played this game atleast once. Though … [Read more...]

How to Play Temple Run 2 on PC for Free

Temple Run 2 on PC

Temple run is a game, rather a very popular game available for almost all mobile platforms (whether it is iOS or Android Mobiles). The game is quite fun where a player tries to steal an idol temple and money chase him. It is very addictive and once a person starts playing it, he just want to keep playing it. Though it is fun playing Temple run on our mobile (where the screen is small), however it will be more fun when you actually play this game (Temple Run) on your PC (Desktop or Laptop). … [Read more...]

How to Run Mobile Apps on Computer : Best Android Players for PC

Android Players for PC

Android is one of the most famous mobile operating system. Anyone having Android mobile just loves his mobile. The reason is simple, it is because of availability of thousands of cool apps and games available for Android. However the concern is that the Android Platform isn't available for computer. What it means is that you cannot directly access and play android apps and games on your computer. Is that it ? Though Android OS isn't available for laptop but you can still enjoy all the … [Read more...]

Download Youwave Android Emulator for Windows PC

YouWave Android Player for PC

Android is a highly popular operating system for mobiles and tablets. The popularity is not only because the basic OS itself is good (in terms of look and feel), but it is mainly because of availability of thousands and thousands of (free and paid) apps for it. But when it comes to PC, android OS is not not made for it. Does that mean you cannot access those supercool and amazing android apps on your computer. Turns out that you can actually get access to those apps by following few simple … [Read more...]

How to install android sdk on PC (Windows, Mac, or Linux)


Android is a very popular linux based operating system, specially designed to work on touch screen based mobile phones and tablets. We have already seen a flood of smartphones running Android OS (apart from iOS and Windows Based Phones). Infact every other person is having an Android mobile phone. It is an open source software and anyone can download the development kit (modify it or create apps for it). What is also becoming popular is running Android operating system on your computer … [Read more...]