How to Download Shazam for PC – Install for Free

Shazam For PC Free Download

One of the very popular mobile application is Shazam. This super cool application helps you recognize any song you are listening. It turns out that Shazam is not the only popular app in this category (and is being reviewed at AppNina), we recently posted a tutorial on using SoundHound for PC (this app is also used by millions of people all over the world). Coming to Shazam, it is a great alternative to Soundhound. The app allows you to recognize just song you are listening - yes just any … [Read more...]

How to Download SoundHound for PC – Discover music on PC

SoundHound For PC

How many times has it happened to you that you are listening to a song and can't identify its singer or the album/movie it belongs to. How many times has it happened that you are watching a particular television series but can't identify its name. What if we tell you that an application exists which can identify unknown music, television shows, movies - just by letting the application also listen to what you are listening. Does it sounds crazy or does it sound familiar to you. Well, yes there … [Read more...]

Download Fring for PC Free – Group Video Calls

Fring for PC - Free Download

Fring is a highly popular mobile application for group video calls, video calls, voice calls and live chat with friends and family. Before Viber and Whatsapp came into the market, every other person was using Fring application. It has been around for quite a long time - developed back in 2006. This app has still not lost its charm and large number of people use this application for communication needs. The popular Fring features used are "Four way group video calling", "Video chat on 3G or … [Read more...]

Download Where’s my water for PC : Play for Free

Wheres My Water For PC - Windows and Mac

Where's my water is a highly popular Disney mobile puzzle video game developed by Creature Feep. The game got really popular and people loved playing this game on their mobile phones - be it Apple's iPhone, Android Mobiles, Windows Based Phone or Blackberry based mobile phones. The game requires players to route supply of water to a alligator. This game has been rated by many blogs and websites as top and most amazing game. The lead character "Swampy" is being liked by so many people. On the … [Read more...]

Tango for PC : Download App and Make Free Video Calls

Download Tango App for PC

One of the most popular voice and video calling application is Tango (offcourse Skype is on top of the popularity list). Good thing is that Tango app is free and all you require is internet to make free video and voice calls. Tango like any other video/voice calling platform requires that you and your friend (whom you will be calling) both use Tango app. Just like Skype, Tango is available for almost all the platforms - be it Android Mobile, iPhone, Windows Based Mobiles (Nokia Lumia Range) … [Read more...]

Jetpack Joyride for PC – Play this game for free

JetPack Joyride Game for PC

Jetpack Joyride is a very popular game created by Halfbrick Studios and currently available for the iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry PlayBook, BlackBerry 10, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Android, Windows 8 devices, Windows Phone 8, and Facebook. JetPack game is a sequel to another very popular game named "Monster Dash". This game again features Barry Steakfries, who the player controls as he steals a jet pack from a top-secret laboratory. This game has been … [Read more...]

Candy Crush Saga for PC – Play this game for free

Candy Crush Saga for PC

One of the very popular game is Candy Crush Saga which was originally launched as a Facebook app back in 2012. The game got really very popular (getting huge number of hits on Facebook) in a very short span of time. It was liked so much by the people that the developer launched the game application for smartphones (Android/iPhone etc). As per the information on Wikipedia (As of March 2013), "Candy Crush Saga" surpassed the very popular game FarmVille2 and turned to be most popular game on … [Read more...]

Intel Appup for Windows : Apps for PC/Netboook

Intel Appup for Windows

Many of us have smartphones which allow us to download and install apps on them. Some of these apps are really interesting. For example - social networking and chatting apps helps us remain connected to our family, some apps helps us increase our productivity. Some of these are games which are quite fun to play. Overall the apps have become important part of our life. However all of these apps may not be available for you. That is, you may not be having a smartphone and still want to enjoy … [Read more...]

How to Play Cut the Rope on PC for Free

Cut the Rope on PC for Free

Cut the Rope is a highly popular series of physics based puzzle game by ZeptoLab available for many different platforms and devices. The object in this Cut the Rope game is to feed the candy to a little green monster named "On Nom", while collecting stars (maximum of three). The game is so popular that it has been downloaded more than 200 million times. The game is divided into boxes and each box contains a set of levels. In each of these level, candy hangs from one of several ropes which the … [Read more...]

How to Play Ruzzle Game on your PC for Free

Ruzzle for PC Free

If you are good with words then this game is definitely for you. Ruzzle is a fast paced and a fun game where you have to make words from letters, you can challenge your friends to compete against you or allow Ruzzle to automatically choose an opponent. The game is pretty simple "Who can find most numbers of words in two minutes". After the great success of Temple Run 2 for PC and Subway Surfer for PC, people asked us to share a video (and tutorial) on Ruzzle for computer. This is because like … [Read more...]