Best Media Player for Android Mobiles and Tablets

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Android mobile phones are so popular these days and the screen size is also getting bigger and bigger. One of the very important features which we look out in a mobile phone is its capability to play music and movies. Though there are lots and lots of music and movie streaming applications available for android mobile, but that is always not an option. Many of us are capped under data plans (bandwidth limit), so this option is ruled out. What we have is data card and lots of songs and movies … [Read more...]

Whatsapp FAQ – Whatsapp Question and Answers

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This article captures all common and relevant problems (difficulties or issues) which people may face when using Whatsapp application on their smartphone (whether it is Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows or any other) or Tablet (Android, iPad, Windows, Playbook) or even their PC (using bluestacks or any other android emulator). The usage of Whatsapp is increasing at a very fast pace - specially in India and other developing nations. It has replaced all other chatting applications, … [Read more...]

Free Video Calls Apps for Nokia Symbian Phones

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Nokia symbian mobiles though have lost the top position in the smartphone category however they haven't lost their charm completely. A lot of people still use Nokia Symbian S40/S60 series based phones. Infact Nokia recently launched Pureview phone (with 41MP Camera) which is also based on Symbian. So if so many people are using Nokia phones, then they certainly need all the capabilities and features available to people using android or iOS. One such feature about which many people have asked … [Read more...]

Top 30 Free Recipe Apps for iPad, iPhone or iOS Devices

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The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and I agree to it. Infact I guess whether it is women or man, child or old person everyone just like food. And some people find cooking more interesting as compared to just eating. Gone are the days when people used to sit in front of television with pen and paper, wait for a cookery show and note down the recipe. Gone are days when people used to buy cooking books and follow recipe from them. With the advancement in technology, you can get … [Read more...]

How to upload pics from Iphone/iPad to flickr

Flickr Application on iPad

Flickr is very popular website (and application) for photo editing and photo sharing. The pics uploaded by people on flickr are just too good. Flickr offers an application for iphone which you can use on iPad as well. Infact there have been some updates by flickr regarding this iPhone app which let us to write this post. Photo sharing on flickr iPhone application is not so straight forward. When I downloaded this application on my iPad, the first thing which I wanted to do was share some pics … [Read more...]

Video Calling Apps for Windows Mobile Phone


With so many people now using Smartphone, Video calling on mobiles is getting popular. All it requires is internet on mobile (wifi or 3G) and a video calling application. iPhone has a built in app called Facetime which allows people to do video chat. Android also has good list of video calling apps available for it. But when it comes to Windows Mobile (Windows 7, 7.5 or even the latest Windows 8 Phones), the number of application is far too less. That being said, some application are present … [Read more...]

Top Free Video Calling Apps for Blackberry Mobiles

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Video Calling on mobiles, tablets and PC is so much popular now. Almost all the people having smartphones and internet connectivity are either regularly making video calls or have experienced video calling atleast once. All this has happened because of availability of so many video calling apps. But the case is not so straight forward with Blackberry mobile phones. It seems that Blackberry OS is quite complex and not many video calling apps are available for blackberry phones. Whatever video … [Read more...]

Top 10 Free Android Gym Apps 2013

Top 10 Android Gym Apps

Who doesn't want a healthy, toned, muscular and absolutely fit body. But that requires doing exercise on regular basis, which indirectly means going to gym. It may sound good, but some of us either does not find time to go to gym or are pretty lazy. Do you know that you can make use of your smartphone (read this buying guide to choose the best android mobile) and use it as personal home gym. There are so many free good gym applications available for android mobile. Using these apps, not only … [Read more...]

Top 6 Free Bill Splitting Apps for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Top Bill Splitting Apps

Going out with friends, whether for a holiday or to a nearby hotel for dinner it is important that the bill amount is split equally. If you are sharing a room (or a house) with friends, you definitely want to make sure that expenses are well managed and shared among all the friends. The conventional method of writing down on paper or asking a person to keep a record are though present and people have been following these, however it is sometime tedious task and often results in single person … [Read more...]

Trip Splitter iPhone App Review : How to Manage Travel Expenses

Share Travel Expenses

If you are going for a holiday with friends, you definitely want to ensure that the expenses are well managed and split accordingly. Most of the time what happens is that one of the person ends up paying most of the holiday expenses (in my case - I always happen to be the victim). Whether you go in a large group (more than 7-8 person) or say a small group (3-4 person), it is difficult to keep a track of travel expenses. What we have been doing is assign the task to one of our trusted and … [Read more...]