How to Download Videos from Instagram – Free

Download Instagram Videos

A very popular social networking service - a photo editor for iPhone and Android mobiles is Instagram. It allows you to click pictures, apply digital filters on them and share them on social networking sites like Facebook. Few weeks back Instagram launched video service - that is you can shoot short videos (3-15 seconds) via Instagram, apply digital filters on them. Just like photos, edited videos are also super awesome and look beautiful. Instagram Videos are getting popular and people are … [Read more...]

Crazy Taxi for Android | Download on PC or Play Online

Crazy Taxi for Computer

A very old, famous and addictive game is Crazy Taxi. Infact it is not just a game but a series of games. This game was developed by Hitmaker (Sega AM3) and published by Sega.This game was first released in 1999, that is almost 15 years back. It was even ported to PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube and Xbox. Crazy Taxi is rated as one of the best games and has won many awards (also got greatest hits status on PS2). Crazy taxi highly addictive and once you start playing this game there is no … [Read more...]

Instagram Video Sharing App on iPhone, Android

Video on Instagram Feature

Instagram (acquired by Facebook for 1 Billion) is a highly popular social networking service. Its a mobile and web application that allows you to take pictures, apply digital filters and share these on social networking sites. Not just limited to this, it allows you to follow other people (and get followed) and also get photo feed updates of other people. Instagram is being liked by many, infact it has grown pretty big with million and millions of active users. More than 16 billion photos … [Read more...]

Instagram tutorial – Use Instagram on Android | iPhone

Instagram Tutorial for Android

Instagram is a very popular application (social networking service) which allows you to take pictures and videos, apply digital filters to them and share those pics and videos on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr. That's not all you can tag your pictures (hashtags) so that these get popular globally, you can also share your picture location. Just like other social networking sites it allows you to add your friends, follow people and get more followers (to … [Read more...]

What is Instagram App for iPhone | Android | iPad

What is Instagram App

Facebook, Whatsapp and Viber are not the only ones which have created a lot of buzz among internet users. A lot of people are talking about "Instagram" these days. It is being said that this app will bring another revolution in the social networking service. Almost everyone has atleast heard about this new application - Instagram. But a lot of people are not completely aware about this application, this new social networking service and its features. This article is a dummy's guide about … [Read more...]

How to make Free Video Calls | Free Video Chatting Apps

Free Video Calls On Mobile

Technology is changing so rapidly and almost everyone has now access to internet either on your computer or their smartphones. Gone are the days when we used to rely on letters or voice calls for connecting with our friends and family. It is now so convenient to keep in touch with our friends and family (no matter how far they live). You can use internet to send instant message to them, send pictures, cards, or even video call them - and all of this for free. Video Calling is the next big … [Read more...]

Free Video Chat/Calling Apps for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch

Free Video Callso on iPad

iOS mobile operating system has one of the biggest app store. If you find any app in other mobile app stores (Android Play market or Nokia phones or any other), then it is quite possible that its iOS version will be available. Talking about video calling on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch - it is one feature that anyone and everyone use on his iOS device. The camera quality of iPhone and iPad is pretty good which makes the video calling experience more awesome. Plus using iPad and iPhone is … [Read more...]

No Facetime for Windows PC is not available – Check Alternatives

Facetime Alternatives for Windows PC

Facetime is a widely popular (and used) video calling client available for iOS and Mac device - which includes iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and Mac computer. This piece of software was launched just few years back and in such short time it has a huge customer base. Infact anyone and everyone who has an iOS device, use Facetime for video calling. This is not because it is native app by Apple, but the call quality is way way better than most of other video calling apps. Ease of use is another factor … [Read more...]

WordPress App for iPad/iPhone – via wordpress iOS App

WordPress iOS App - AppNina

Wordpress is the most popular blogging platform. The web is full of articles debating whether a blog should be based on wordpress or blogger (Google's blogspot). We will not get into that debate, as many people have already concluded that Wordpress is better. This post is about blogging via wordpress app for iOS devices. Smartphones are very popular and people use these for almost every task, so why not blogging. Infact we have read that some of the bloggers don't use computer for blogging … [Read more...]

Top Free Video Calls Apps for Android Mobile Phones

Video Calls on Android Mobiles and Tablets.jpg

Android mobile phone are very popular, it is the most widely used mobile operating system. Whether it is Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, Micromax or other phone companies app have launched their series of android mobile phones. These smartphones have made our life so easy and communicating with friends and family was never so much fun. Almost all the people use internet on these smartphones (whether it is wifi, 3G or Gprs), and quite a good number of people are enjoying video calls on mobile. In this … [Read more...]