Top Free Gym Apps for Windows Mobile

Gym Windows Mobile Applications

Is it that only people having Android Mobile or iPhone are unhealthy. Obviously not your health is not related to the type of mobile phone you are carrying. But I somehow feel that smartphone has made us too lazy which indeed is effecting our health. Earlier we used to go out and play in the park, walk around and meet new friends, get social by physically meeting people. And now we play Candy Crush Saga on mobile, get social only on Facebook and Whatsapp. In short, our day to day physical … [Read more...]

Top Xbox Live Games for Windows Mobile Phone

Xbox Games for Windows Mobile Phone

If you are using a windows phone and also a fan of Xbox 360, then I am sure you are aware of its Xbox Live feature. This Xbox Live feature of windows mobile phone (yes we are talking about games) supports multiplayer functionality and one of the key feature is to unlock achievements in some games. This particularly helps you improve your game score. It also comes with an app called "Xbox Extras" that enables you to check achievements. Xbox Live also allows you to edit your avatar (using … [Read more...]

Windows Mobile Paid Games Price Analyses

Windows Paid Games

If we talk about mobile operating system then Android and iOS are the two which undoubtedly rule the market. Windows Mobile Operating System (Windows 7.5 and 8) is also catching up and trying to get a hold of the market. What I feel is if the number of applications in the market is high, then there are good chances of OS getting popular. Microsoft taking over Nokia Mobile is a huge step in the right direction and will hopefully prove good for windows mobile OS as well. I have personally used … [Read more...]

21 iOS Apps by Google – For iPhone and iPad

Google Apps for iOS - List of 21 Apps

Apart from having launched a complete mobile operating system "Android" (which has created buzz from the day it was launched), Google also has a series of mobile services and apps. To name a few of these (which we will discuss later in details), are Search, Mail, Drive, Voice and Video Calling, Maps, Google Earth and lot more. Offcourse all of these apps and many more are available on its native mobile OS Android, however some of these are also available for iOS (which is another major … [Read more...]

Whatsapp iPhone Emoticons, Stickers, Tips and Tricks – All Apps

whatsapp related iphone applications

Whatsapp is one of those chatting application that everyone is using these days. It has millions and millions of users worldwide. It has certainly changed the way we used to communicate with our friends and family. Just few years back everyone used to rely on sms messaging (using the telecom company) and this used to cost us heavily. However now we use internet to send messages by using applications like Whatsapp. If I have to rate one smartphone app which I use all the time, I would say more … [Read more...]

TextNow App – Free Texting and Calling Application

TextNow App Reviews

We won't say a very popular app, however a fairly popular smartphone application is "TextNow". It has grown big with good number of users on Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile. TextNow is a communication app providing free text and voice calls. TextNow offers free texting and calling for your computer and mobile devices. So is TextNow another Viber, Whatsapp or WeChat like application ? Is there any reason people should be using Textnow, considering we already have so many social networking … [Read more...]

WeChat for iPad – Text, Voice and Video Chat on iPad

WeChat app for iPad Download

Instant messaging applications (the multi platforms mobile apps) are getting very popular these days. Be it Viber, Whatsapp, Hike or WeChat - all of these are liked by so many people around the globe. WeChat recently crossed 300 million customer's, which is a huge number. Good thing about WeChat is it is available for almost all mobile platforms - iPhone, Android, Windows, Nokia Symbian and Blackberry. WeChat is not just limited to text messaging (like Whatsapp) but is one step ahead and … [Read more...]

Wechat For Nokia, Blackberry, Android, iPhone, Windows Phone Comparison

WeChat Blackberry Android iPhone Nokia Windows Mobile

WeChat is a multi platform application widely used for text, voice and video chat. It has gained huge popularity in a very short span of time - thanks to its complete set of features clubbed with best marketing and advertisements. Just like Facebook, now everyone using Smartphone is also on WeChat. And why not, WeChat is available for all mobile platforms - Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Nokia Symbian Phones. So what it means is if you have a smartphone (of any OS), you can use … [Read more...]

Download WeChat For Free Text, Voice and Video Chat

WeChat - New Way to Connect

WeChat is a mobile application (text, voice and video app) developed by Tencent (China). WeChat has gained high amount of popularity and a huge user base in very short span of time. Its a complete multi platform application having its support for all types of devices - Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Nokia Symbian Phones. It is a new way you can connect with your friends and family. It is an integrated application offering solution for all social media tasks like Video Calling, … [Read more...]

Free Weight Loss Apps for Android and iPhone

Weight Loss Apps for Android and iPhone

Who doesn't like that yummy cake, cheese pizza, burger and coke. But what it in turn gives us is fat and a bulky body. Obesity is considered as a major health risk and a prime factor for many of the diseases. Losing this fat (little or lot of weight) is always a good thing - it is not only healthy and but also makes you feel good about yourself. However losing this extra kilos may not be that simple as it sound. You need to go through correct exercise routines and have a proper (and correct) … [Read more...]