Candy Crush Saga Types of Candies – All Candy List

Candy Crush Saga is probably the most addictive games launched in recent times. Almost everyone I know is playing this game, the question is have you tried this super addictive game. Well if you have just started playing this game and trying to figure out what all types of Candies are there, what combinations are possible to create these special candies – then you have landed at the right page.

In this article you will find detail about all types of Candies (specially the moves possible in this Candy Crush Saga game which can help you create different types of candies). This will help you get started and soon you will be this game champion.

Please note that quite often in the game if you get stuck or wait for too long to create a match, it will automatically give you a hint for candies to match (they will be flashing and moving on the screen). It is advisable to either not use those moves as these are not the best moves (and quite possible better moves exists in the game). However if you are really out of moves and time, then go ahead and make use of such hints.

Candy Crush Saga Combination and Types of Candies

Basic 3 Candy Match

3 candy match in candy crush saga

This is basic level match where you have to match 3 candies of same color either vertically or horizontally. That is align three of the same colored candy either vertically or horizontally.

Stripped Candy – 4 Candy Match

candy crush saga striped candy

Striped Candy is a normal candy with horizontal or vertical stripes on them. When you match four regular candies in a row (horizontal or vertical) – you create a striped candy. The color of striped candy will be the color of whatever 4 candies you matched together. Once you have created a striped candy – you can match this striped candy with other regular candies. This move will clear an entire row of column depending on the direction of the stripes (horizontal or vertical). You can thus clear entire row or column in just one move.

Wrapped Candy – 5 Candy Matches in an L or T

Candy Crush Saga Wrapped Candy Image

A Wrapped Candy is one of the main special candies in Candy Crush Saga. It is a regular candy in a similar colored wrapper. They are formed by 5 candies of the same color in an L, T or a plus shape. When formed they award 200 points and 540 points (on mobile devices. 480 points on FB) when activated. Basically you have to create a “L” or “T” shape with candies. When they are matched and activated (Moving a wrapped candy to make a match with other candies will activate it), the Wrapped Candy explodes and 8 surrounding candies (3×3 board space) are cleared. After that the candy which got exploded will flash and wait until all candies are fully dropped and will explode a second time. This is why Wrapped Candies destroy more candies than a Striped Candy but doesn’t have a long range.

Color Bomb – 5 Candy Matches

candy crush saga color bomb

A color bomb is the black chocolate ball covered in rainbow sprinkles. Color Bomb is probably the most famous and “good looking” candy in this game. You can create a color bomb by matching 5 candies in a row. When formed, it gives the player 200 points. This Candy can be swapped with any candy on board (offcourse it has to be adjacent candy with Color bomb). When swapped with a candy, all candies of that particular color on the board will be detonated. This type of explosion give lots of points. This special candy is generally quite weak on its own considering how hard it is to make, but if you mix/swap it properly then it can prove to be most useful type of candy. Unlike a wrapped candy of a striped candy, a color bomb is automatically activated once you try and move it, even if it doesn’t match with three candies of the same color.

Chameleon / Alternating / Rainbow Candies

Chameleon Candy in Candy Crush Saga

We now have more special candies in the game called “Rainbow Candies aka Chameleon Candy”. These candies are quite unique type of candies. These were first introduced in the game at level 306 (Savory Shoes). The unique feature of this candy is that it changes its color after every move is made – alternating between two colors. Please note that these candies have a small pink color background and rainbow sweeps across these candies after every few seconds. Thus you can distinguish these from rest of candies. These candies can be cleared like a normal candy – depending upon their present color.

What is Sugar Crush in Candy Crush Saga

Find your answer here. However just a brief answer – This event gets triggered in the game when you complete a level. By completing a level we mean you complete all the objectives required in the game level (and you still have moves remaining in the game). Sugar Crush is basically a type of a reward, an achievement. So once Sugar Crush happens, you will get extra points for every more move you have remaining when the level got completed.

Tip: Matching more always helps. You have option to match three candies and get them destroyed but please note that matching more candies (four/five) always help and it creates some special effects thereby giving you more points. If there is a chance (try to create or find one), then always try to match maximum candies. Moreover try to match the special candies and create special candy combinations which can result in even more exciting things.  Please note that though you can only complete levels by pairing off candies in groups of three or more either vertically or horizontally, but there are many special matches (combinations), candies, and tricks you can do to get power ups, bonuses and ultimately more points. So in short – match maximum candies and try to match special candy combinations as well.

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