Candy Crush Saga Cheats – Tips, Tricks & Help

We warned you earlier that you should not start playing Candy Crush Saga but you didn’t listen. Now what has happened – we have to beg you to stop playing this game. You are a candy crush addict now. Turns out that you are not the only one playing this game but everyone else you know is also playing this game.

According to the recent numbers we have got “In July, the game had 20.7 million daily active players on Facebook – a considerable growth from 9.7 million daily active users in January.” This is a huge number and Candy Crush Saga is reportedly making $400,000 per day for

This game is undisputed leader in the gaming sector beating other top games like Temple Run and Subway surfer. You can play Candy Crush online on Facebook or play it on your mobile phone (using the game app for iPhone or Android mobiles). You can also follow our Tutorial to play Candy Crush on your PC using BlueStacks.

More than 400 levels of Candy Crush Saga game have been launched till now and some of the levels are really difficult to play. Initial ones are not that difficult, however as you go on to higher levels (after Level 50), some of the levels gets really tricky and you will need help.

  • Watch Candy Crush Video Walkthroughs – Since a good number of people are playing this game, few of them are expert. Some of the experts who have cleared the levels have prepared (recorded) the game video. That is a walk through video – recorded while playing the game. Watching these videos does not guarantee that you will be able to clear the Candy crush level, however it certainly helps.
  • Candy Crush Tips and Tricks and Hacks and Cheats

This article is a ultimate working Candy Crush Tips and Tricks guide – a complete one stop solution you ever need to clear all the candy crush levels. We have researched all over on the internet and have prepared this consolidated list.

If you believe that we have missed any tips (which you are aware of), then please let us know in the comment section. We will be happy to include it in our list – the purpose is to make this “Candy Crush Saga Help Guide” complete and resourceful.

1. Unlimited Lives Cheat – Candy Crush

When you start playing the game you will get free five lives. You will have to spent hundreds of bucks buying extra lives on Candy Crush Saga. Now here the Candy Crush Tip – if you lose a life, it will automatically refresh after 30 minutes, unless you run out of lives entirely.

But all you have to do is change your clock forward on your mobile phone (iPhone or Android). And hey, a full set of lives again for free. It works on any other device you’re crushing candies on. Once you have the free live, you can again change back your clock to normal.

2. +5 Move to boost your score

If you are planning to spend some bucks you should consider buying +5 move power up. This +5 move will add 5 more moves to your remaining moves. Trust me it is one of the most useful purchase.

However that said you should play the game at a slow pace and no need to hurry in spending money. You can anytime do that however it is advisable to save money and use it only when highly necessary, that is at higher levels when thing get difficult.

Its tempting to spend money and move on, but you have to control that temptation and enjoy the game!

3. Get All Three Stars

In order to get a good score or a perfect scope, you will need to get all the three stars (pay attention to the star meter on the left side of the puzzle). You should definitely target all three stars as your final score reflects it.

4. Play it on the computer

There are a multiple advantage of playing Candy Crush on your computer – Suppose you are playing it on your mobile and run out of lives. Once you run out of lives on your mobile device, go ahead and switch on over to the Facebook version. You’ll get a collection of new lives, so you’ll start anew and keep on playing.

Playing the game on computer on a bigger screen is much simpler and there is high chance you will clear the level more fast!

5. Stripped and Wrapped Candies

Striped Candies Candy Crush

Horizontal striped candies blast off to the left/right, while vertical striped candies clear out anything above/below them. Swiping these striped candies in a horizontal/vertical direction also throws on a few striped pieces of candy. For those stages that task you with knocking out the jelly from hard-to-reach tiles, striped candies are your best bet.

  • How Stripped works: The direction of the stripes is the way the candy will explode when you create a match. (So if a candy has vertical stripes, the candies up and down from it will explode)
  • Stripe Combo: If you match two stripes together, no matter which direction the stripes are going, one row of candies will be wiped out horizontally, and one row will be wiped out vertically so that it looks like a cross.
  • If you knock a sprinkle candy into a bomb candy (striped candy + Color Bomb) , it will turn other candies of that color into bombs for a greater effect. If you complete a match with a bomb candy, it will knock out at least 9 of the surrounding candies. They’re great for clearing out specific, pesky areas.
  • The striped candy + wrapped candy combo is a very powerful combo in the game. When you have a wrapped candy or can make one, consider saving your striped candy to make a special combo.
  • Make Wrapped Candy: You can form a wrapped candy with a “plus”, “t-shape” or “corner-shape” which combines at least 3 vertical candies with at least 3 horizontal candies.
  • Wrapped Candy Match: When you create a match with a wrapped candy, it creates a small explosion that knocks out the nine candy box which surrounds it.
  • Tip: Try Stripped + Wrapper Combo, If no combo exists then try Wrapped Match or Stripped Match!

6. Flashing Candies – Make use of these

Let us say you are in a tough stage and game knows this. You are stuck staring on your screen for few minutes that means you need help. Candy Crush game will help you by flashing potential matching candies.

You should pay attention to this and make use of it. Don’t get too comfortable with these freebie moves. These candy matches are randomly generated, so you may not always be getting these flashing tips.

7. Color Bomb (Sprinkle Candy) Combo – BOOM !

Bombs Candy Crush Saga

You should be targeting as many color bomb combo (one two or three) as these will get you amazing amount of points, as these combinations take everything off your puzzle set.

  • Creating a color bomb requires that you match five candies in a row.
  • Regular candy you swap with the color bomb causes it to explode and destroy all of that color candy on the screen – BUT you must first try to create a color bomb combo, if this doesn’t works out then only try this trick.
  • Striped Candy + Color Bomb special candy combo can often be a “game winning” move. It is worth some sacrifice of turns to try and make it happen.

8. Save Lollipop Candies and Other freebies

When you first login and start playing the game you will be given three lollipop candies for free. More importantly whatever free items you get in the game you should consider preserving them for later use. There are more than 400 levels in the game and these freebies will come handy at a later stage – otherwise you will end up buying these at later stage.

9. Match three, Four and Five Candies – Boom!

Though by matching three candies of same type you will be still able to clear them, however matching more than three candies – like four or five can have an added benefit. If you match five candies in a L shape, you can create a bomb. If you match four in a row you will get striped candy.

10. Chocolate Candy – Cancer Candy

chocolate candies in candy crush saga

As you move ahead in the game, new features will come up. Chocolate candy will appear at level 51 and it will keep spreading if you don’t get rid of this candy. So just make sure you get rid of this cancer chocolate candy – just eat it up! Otherwise in no time it will multiply and fill the board.

Level Specific Help

Let us know which level you are stuck at and we will try help you provide special tips for that level. Hope that helps and you make progress in Candy Crush!
Enjoy the game…

Candy Crush Saga Level #23

You must clear all the frosting candies first in order to even get to the jelly candies.  You must examine the board carefully and look in between the columns to see the matches for frosting candies (there are lot of these matches and can be cleared with minimal moves). Just clear out the frosting candies first with minimum moves (target between column). Please note that frosting candy just need one hit and will clear all of these candies, this will create space for more jelly candies which will help you make combinations.

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