Candy Crush Saga Chameleon Candies | Rainbow or Alternating Candies

One of the newly introduced candies in the Candy crush game is “Chameleon Candy”. Earlier there were a few special candies specifically “Striped candy“, “Color bomb“, “Wrapped Candy” each having its unique feature, but the thing is people were getting bored of these. So we now have more special candies in the game called “Rainbow Candies aka Chameleon Candy”.

These candies are quite unique type of candies. The common names for these type of candies are “Chameleon Candy” or “Rainbow Candy” or “Alternating Candy” or “changelings”. These were first introduced in the game at level 306 (Savory Shoes). The unique feature of this candy is that it changes its color after every move is made – alternating between two colors. Please note that they only change between 2 colors, so you can plan your moves ahead once you see which two colors they are changing to.


How to distinguish

  • These candies have a small pink color background
  • Rainbow sweeps across these candies after every few seconds

Each candy will vary between 2 colors (if it is green then yellow candy, then first it will be green and in the next turn, it’ll be yellow again).

How to clear Rainbow aka Chameleon Candies

These candies can be cleared like a normal candy. They are often found encased in marmalade.

Video showing the Rainbow candies – changing color

Note the rainbow flashing over these candies between the moves, these candies are the ones which will change.

Tip: You will need to watch the two colors these candies change to and then you can plan two moves ahead.

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