BlueStacks Issues Solved : Loading, Installation, Connections Problems

BlueStacks is one of the very popular android emulators for computer, which allows you to download and install android applications on your PC (both windows and mac OS). You may want to check a list of available Android Emulator’s.

The thing which distinguishes BlueStacks App Player from other emulator like YouWave and Android SDK is that it is firstly free and very simple to use. The number of android games applications which can be installed on BlueStacks is pretty high (comparing this to other emulators) and probably it is the reason this application is so popular among people. In a very short span of time millions of people have started using BlueStacks and trust me that number is growing every day.

That being said many people have complained about BlueStacks as they faced issues using this app. Some people have complained about installation problem, some people are not able to load the app and some have faced issue’s (like connectivity) while playing games on it. As the set of problems is common among people, so I thought to compile a list of problems and provide solution to them. The problems also vary according to the device (Windows Version) you are using, so I have tried to capture the keywords in the questions. The list of these issues is already very long (and we plan to update this list time and again), so please make use of search feature to find solution of your problem (use Ctrl+F).

Common Solution – CheckList

BlueStacks is a software and any software has bugs and issues, it doesn’t mean we stop using them. Some of the problems are very basic and solution to all of such issues is pretty common. So if you are facing ANY issue with BlueStacks, just make sure of following (this can get Bluestacks working on your computer).

  • You need to download the latest .net framework by Microsoft. [Get this here]
  • Run a malwarebytes scan, trying the Eusing reg cleaner too.
  • Consider rebooting your PC and trying the installation again
  • Uninstall your current player and install the latest version of software. Many of the common issues have already been fixed in the latest version of the software. Even if your last version worked, you should consider upgrading to the latest piece of code.  [Visit this page to get latest software]
  • When reporting any issue with software, make sure you let us (or support) know the version of software you are using. Also BlueStacks beta-1 (which is latest) comes with different numbers. So check the exact version number (like version is and report this number along with issue.
  • Also please mention the machine you are using – like Intel Chipset, Dell Computer (model number) and OS version (Windows 8).

Loading Issues

Most common issue with BlueStacks is the loading problem which many people have complained about. Common loading problem is – “Stuck while loading, all it says is loading“. I did some research on this and compiled a very simple solution which will help you get past this loading problem. First you would need to reinstall the application (follow above steps). Again: before you go ahead and reinstall this app, make sure of following:

Give your user account full-control of ProgramData\\BlueStacks directory. That is, run it as administrator.

In windows explorer:

  1. Navigate to C:\\ProgramData (if C is your Windows drive) – Note this not Program Files it is ProgramData.
  2. Locate & right-click the BlueStacks folder within C:\\ProgramData
  3. Select Properties
  4. Select Security Tab
  5. Find Your Widows User within the Group and User Names Window
  6. Select Edit
  7. You will need to select your Windows User within the Group and Users Name Window
  8. Assign Full Control and select OK
  9. Select OK again
  10. Reboot

Now remove old BlueStacks and update to latest version of software.

Viber Activation Issue

One of the first app which everyone is trying on BlueStacks is Viber. And on the first installation itself it starts giving issues. The common issue with Viber installation is its activation. Viber activation code is not responding after several attempts. It gives the following message: (an error has occured during the viber activation process).

Solution (as provided by Viber Team)

Please try removing Viber, wait 24 hours, reinstall and try again (make sure you try both the SMS and the automated call options). In addition, you may try to register to Viber with a different number (for example – your home landline number, a friend’s number, etc.), in order to determine whether the problem is specific with your number, or a general one.

Removing Applications from BlueStacks App Player

Once you have installed the BlueStacks, what you end up is installing too many applications on this software. What it does it makes the software too slow and sometime it starts giving issue. You should consider removing the unused apps from your app player. Just follow the simple steps as described in the video below to know how you can remove applications from bluestacks.

Graphic Card Issue

Bluestacks cannot be installed on this PC because the Graphics card is not compatible with Bluestacks“. Graphic card error are one of the very common issue with BlueStacks. Depending on the type of your problem, follow the below steps.

  • Driver Issue: Open the device manager (Right click on My Computer and select properties). Then click on Device manager and see if you see any yellow symbol or red symbol. If that symbol appears in front of your graphics card, your drivers are missing. You need to install the latest drivers of your graphic card. For that check the make of your graphic card. For Intel download from this page (USA site), for AMD visit this and for NVidia drivers you visit this page.
  • Last thing to try: Connect your laptop or netbook to its charger and then try to install Bluestacks. This is because when on Battery mode, some laptop settings change graphics to low. This may cause issue with BlueStacks.
  • BlueStacks Error 2318: If you installed RocketDock, you will not be able to install Bluestacks. If you want to install Bluestacks you will need to uninstall the other program that used a dock.

Suggested Reading: Article on All BlueStacks Graphics Issue Fixed

Google Play service installation error

Incompatible with other applications with the same shared user ID. Because of this error, people are not able to install applications. Well it turns out that you can download the apk directly to your PC and use this apk on Bluestacks. One of the most asked apk file

  • Foursquare Apk Download: [Link]

Uninstall – Bluestacks

We have been asking people to install the latest app (or uninstall old app and install the latest one). However some people have faced issue “a later version of bluestacks is already installed. setup will now exit.” I also faced this problem when uninstalling notification center.

Check how to uninstall Bluestacks notification center and in general Bluestacks.

  1. Remove following in control panel: Bluestacks app player entry in Control panel, Notification center in Control panel
  2. check if following have been removed:-
    1. C:\\Program Files (x86)\\BlueStacks or C:\\Program Files\\BlueStacks
    2. C:\\ProgramData\\BlueStacks
    3. C:\\ProgramData\\BlueStacksSetup
  3. Run the following (right click – save link as – then double click the file) :-…

I was still not able to completely remove the BlueStacks player (and notification center from my PC). I then ran a software called “ccleaner” and removed the BlueStacks and its related files from that software. It worked like charm!

This list may not be complete but addresses some of the common problems. If you have any specific problem, please share it in the comment section and we will try our best to help you out.

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  1. brian says

    help!! i’m installing bluestacks and an error message appears stating that “error 25000. bluestack doesn’t rcognise your graphics driver” .please help..!

    • says

      Hi Brian,
      Below are some of the solutions (which you need to try to get rid of this Error 25000 in BlueStacks) -:
      1. Try to update your Driver Display Adapter – Go to “My Computer > Manage > Device Manager > Display Adapter > Select your Adapter > Right click > Update Driver Software”

      If it still does not work, then

      2. For Windows 7 or Windows 8 – The default drivers which comes with Windows computer (may not be updated). You will need to get the latest drivers for your chipset (check model number of your motherboard). Google the latest driver for Windows 8 (the above article already has links for some of the drivers websites). After installing Video driver for Windows system, try to re-install the BlueStack setup and this time it should work.

      Please note that the issue will get resolved when you install the latest video drivers (display drivers) for your system. The drivers are chipset dependent (dependent on model and make of your computer). You will need to google “Display drivers for ”

      I hope this helps.. keep us posted if this solved your issue.

    • rishin says

      i having problem with bluestacks . when i am open the bluestack its initializing only its cant open plz help me

    • says

      hey, i installed latest version of bluestacks on my windows 7 pc .but it is not initializing means it often shows initializing screen for long time and it it did’nt open still now plz help me from this problem.

  2. Vaibhav says

    Getting Installation Error 1316. Can’t get Bluestacks back.

    Error 1316. A network error occurred while attempting to read from the
    file: C:UsersPublicDocumentsBitRaiderCacheSupportNVPHYSXPhysX.msi

    • says

      Okay.. So this is clearly a network error. The simple reason is BlueStacks is somehow not able to connect to internet. I have researched a bit on internet to find solution to this Error 1316.

      The best, easiest solution which I have found is simply – current installer file is corrupt (don’t know the reason). You should download a new version (or may be old version) of the installer file (offline installer of BlueStacks) and reinstall it again..

      Please refer to above article on how to remove BlueStacks completely and reinstalling it again..

      This should solve your issue.. please keep us posted !
      Enjoy gaming ..!!

  3. Janis says

    I am having problems with Bluestacks while Downloading Runtime Data.. I am trying to download the BlueStacks and install it on my PC. However it fails..

    • says

      BlueStacks Runtime Data Error is nothing but a problem at BlueStacks end.. It has nothing to do with your computer configuration. The reason is BlueStacks server is not behaving correctly and giving these error messages.

      You are trying to download the BlueStacks software, however where it is stored (Bluestacks server) is not working correctly – so you are not able to download the app.

      Solution is pretty simple:
      1. Uninstall the old application (cancel the current setup) and download again. If the server side problem is solved, you will be able to install it.
      2. Try downloading the BlueStack Offline Installer. It is nothing but full software – which will no longer download any runtime data from server side. Once you have the offline installer you simply need to install it. For sure it won’t give any Runtime data errors.

      Hope this helps.. Keep us posted!

      • ma1ne1 says

        I’VE downloaded the bluestack offline installer its stuck loading. I followed the steps you said about changing the security properties to full control its still loading. when you say reboot are you referring to the app or computer

  4. elizabeth says

    help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i try to install bluestacks but it says the same thing as brian said i tried doing wat u said but still it doesnt happen i went to all sites did everything but nothing happened plz help!! it just does not want to install plz help

  5. istayalone says

    i cannot play temple run 2 and subway surfer on beta-1 blue stacks V- use intel core i3,window 7.i even updated .net framework but still am facing the same problem.both the above app crashes after loading and i am redirected back to bluestacks menu.please help!!!

    • says

      1. Can you also update about the graphic card and your RAM.. I hope you have atleast 2GB of RAM .. moreover please update the graphic drivers..

      2. Can you also try installing other games like Candy Crush/Where’s my water.. on bluestacks.. see if those work..

      3. Try reinstalling the bluestack application and install the latest bluestack software..

  6. shubham bajaj says

    please help me i am unable to install bluestack i tried alot actually there was already this app in my computer but ws nt working so i uninstalled n tried to re-install but it replies that there is already this app in ur machine but there is no files in my pc

    • says

      Hi Shubham,

      This is a very common problem, even I faced this issue. Just follow the steps as described in “Uninstall – Bluestacks” section. I am sure you will be able to get rid of this issue. Use software like ccleaner to remove the app completely.

  7. Lee Perng says

    help! When i open the bluestacks it only stay at the loading page. So i go to unistall the bluestack but it no respon after it ask me confirm want to uninstall the bluestacks .please help me!

  8. nour chami says

    hi i have already installed bluestacks and he failed i deleted the programme then i was installing it and they whrite to me the programme is already installed in the machine please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • says

      This is a very common problem, even I faced this issue. Just follow the
      steps as described in “Uninstall – Bluestacks” section. I am sure you
      will be able to get rid of this issue. Use software like ccleaner to
      remove the app completely.

  9. dim says

    With the google play installation error I always get this when I try to install google play is there a way to install it?
    Because I want to use snapchat from my computer but i cant use snapchat without google play?

    • says

      First I am assuming that you are able to install the BlueStacks app player on your computer. Next you want to install Snapchat on this.. Where does the google play comes into picture. You should just follow the steps for app installation (click on search then enter Snapchat) and then install the app. Try installing this app from amazon store (one of the three options when you search for snapchat). Hope this helps.. Keep us posted.

      • Xephsis says

        similar problem, anytime I try to run the app, it requires google play services, will not do a thing without it, and actively blocks me from using the app, and searching for snapchat gives no option to download from the amazon store.
        about a week and a half the OS flipped itself out, decided google play wasn’t compatible and decided i didn’t need it anymore, and worked fine, the next time i started bluestacks up, was back to the same issues.

  10. says

    Why don’t you get the previous version apk file and play the game using the old version itself.. no need for upgrade.. (till the problem resolves).

    • says

      That’s quite simple to change. You can Easily configure the bluestacks settings which include Keyboard setting and layout. Click the gear icon at the bottom of the screen and select keyboard settings to change the controls.

      I have also attached a snapshot for the same.

      • says

        Default controls are (which you can change as per your requirement) :

        1)To Move left -> Left arrow key
        2) To Move right -> Right arrow key
        3) To Jump -> Up arrow key
        4) To Slide -> Down arrow key
        5) For Left Tilt -> Z key
        6. For Right Tilt -> X key

  11. kk.. says

    from last 2 days my bluestack app is not getting connected to internet,,as i’m able to use internet on same laptop…please help…

  12. jack says

    i got an error says “A later version of popular dictionary update for CHS IME is already installed. Setup will now exit.” during my installation HELP!!

  13. Jack Yong says

    HELP!! I got an error when my installation is going to finish. It says “A later version of popular dictionary update for CHS IME is already installed. Setup will exit” like the picture in this link

    Any solution regarding this error? Please help me, im very frustrated and im using windows 8 and my bro who is using windows 7 is fine with the bluestacks. Thanks.

  14. Brian says

    Hi! Whenever I try to use snapchat on bluestacks it tells me I need Google Play services. When I try to download it I get this. Help!

    • says

      Strangely seems you are trying to download Snapchat from the Google play store. As we have mentioned in the video tutorial and other game tutorials (using BlueStacks), when you search for an app, you will have three options to download the app. In most cases try downloading from first option (which is generally the amazon store). Let us know if that works, otherwise we will create a tutorial on Snapchat.

  15. Md Sajib says

    help!! i’m installing bluestacks and i got an error says “this application reruires at least 2 GB of physical memory”

  16. Alex163 says

    i have bluestacks installed and running, i have .apk games installed but they don’t seem to work… could it be that i don’t have internet connection? does it require internet connection?

    games i have installed are. zenonia 5, blood brothers, k pet girls, inotia 4

  17. Ramadhan says

    i wanna uninstal the BlueStack but it not working and there is “Warming 25003.Do you want to keep all your apps and data ?”
    Please help me ???

    • says

      There is not much information available about this new “Warning 25003 of BlueStacks”. I am firstly assuming that you followed the steps we listed in the ”

      Uninstall – Bluestacks” section.

      If not, please follow them.

      Else please try using a software called “CCleaner”. Its a free software and can be used to completely remove any piece of software from your system. Let us know the outcome.

  18. says

    Please try using a software called “CCleaner”. Its a free software and
    can be used to completely remove any piece of software from your system.
    Let us know the outcome.

  19. says

    Data should not be lost, as long as you are using whatsapp on your mobile. You are just uninstalling bluestacks from PC and not whatsapp on your mobile.

  20. Lullaby says

    Well, I installed BlueStacks and the “installer” keeps popping up and i tried to re installing bluestacks but it keeps doing it… (I’m using Pc Asus, Windows 7)

  21. syarifahnurzulaikha says

    i cannot sign in my email with always “your username and password do not match.please try again”, but i’m sure that i’ve entered it correctly. Can u help me?

    • says

      Found solution on internet regarding this “Warning 25003 BlueStacks” :
      You may face this issue if the program/process is still on use when
      you are trying to uninstall it. I would suggest you to try the following
      methods and check if it works for you.

      Method 1:

      Place the computer in Clean Boot and then try to uninstall BlueStack
      and check if the issue persists. Clean Boot will help you disable all
      third party programs/apps, so that you can complete the uninstallation.

      How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7/8/8.1:

      Note: After clean boot troubleshooting step, refer to the section “How to reset the computer to start as usual after troubleshooting with clean boot” in the provided
      link to return your computer to Normal startup mode.

      Method 2:

      Run the Microsoft Safety Scanner and check if there any Virus threats found.

      Microsoft Safety Scanner:

      Note: The
      Microsoft Safety Scanner expires 10 days after being downloaded. During
      this 10 days, it will remove all the virus infected files and folders. I
      suggest you to create a backup of your data and
      then Install Microsoft Safety Scanner.

      Method 3:

      Try deleting the BlueStack folder from the Program Files folder and check if it helps.


  22. Arth Agarwal says

    pls help.. i followed all the steps mentioned above..n even installed ccleaner.. but still ccleaner couldn’t remove still says.. ;warning 25003′..

  23. heather says

    When I go to the file:///C://ProgramData/ I am unable to right click onto properties. I am using Google Chrome and when I use it on the regular windows browser, it does not recognize the web address. Help?!

  24. cielo says

    Program will always run at Loading screen. never seen the actual program home.

    I run 64 bit Windows 7 at Dell

    Intel 3.4 Processor

    8 RAM

    I re-installed it several times and rebooted with no luck

  25. NarisDRIFT says

    Hey guys i installed Blue Stacks first time and it worked perfectly but after i format my pc i installed it again and when i open Twitter or some other app it won’t show up anything only black screen and other weird things just apps doesn’t work help?

  26. Matthew Julian Egan says

    Hi Appnina! I’m running the beta version, I presume this is normal? I ended up installing Bluestacks multiple times because I was trying to get Clash of Clans to over-write accounts in the right direction, and it has a very monkey-friendly user interface. As a consequence I forgot to uncheck one of the ( these days sadly standard) “please send me lots of crappy software I don’t want” boxes, and am now subscribed to a “please send me one bit of crappy software I don’t want every day” service. Any idea how I unsubscribe? The beta version I’m running doesn’t have the gear icon you’ve described elsewhere on your discussion threads.

  27. Bedy says

    If you have “Loading screen” problem, I solve it by run the BlueStacks in Avast Sandbox, so I guess any sandbox will work.

  28. Ken Buzzins says

    I had it working great for the app i wanted but i had to reformat my PC and it would not show video or audio after that. I then updated all the important updates from windows update and it started working again.

    • says

      Uninstall Bluestacks as we have described in our tutorials (use ccleaner as well) and then reinstall it again (with steps mentioned in Appnina tutorial).

  29. me says

    I try loading the apps I downloaded, ex minecraft pe, survival craft, deer hunter and it starts to load and I only get a brown /black screen how do I get these apps to work?

    • says

      Can you try some apps for which we have posted tutorials. The ones like Temple run and all. These are tested ones and work fine. Let us know so that we can localize your problem and then we can move on to test other apps.

  30. says

    Found solution on internet (this is a common windows problem)
    Apps.library-ms is no longer working…
    1. Open Windows Explorer (Windows 7) or File Explorer (Windows 8).

    2. Delete any library that you are getting this error with.
    NOTE: Do not worry. Deleting a library does not delete the contents of the library.

    3. If prompted by Recycle Bin, click/tap on Yes to confirm deletion of library.

    4. When finished deleting affected libraries, right click on Libraries in the navigation pane, and click/tap on Restore Default Libraries.

  31. yarvessa says

    Hi. I just installed bluestacks beta-1 version and it keeps saying that it cannot establish a reliable connection to the server. I’m using Toshiba Window 7 64-bit and I’m connected through and access point wi-fi connection. What should I do?

  32. Jack Foster says

    The problem is it uses net data very much….in 1 to 2 minutes…it uses 50 mb of data even when i am not working on it….when it is open in background……plss tell me how to reduce usage data

  33. Shauraya Bhatia says

    When I start any game like temple run or angry birds it doesn’t start and a black screen appears. Moreover it doesn’t goes in full screen.

  34. Braden Moser says

    i was having loading problems with Clash of Clans so I deleted it.I went to re-download and it downloaded fine but did not load the “start blue stacks” so again i deleted it , i went to re- download and now it’s says “blue stacks already installed on this machine ” and won’t work. Please help.

  35. saurabh says

    Open Bluestacks, go to app market, then settings – Require password for all purchases, select first option and you are done.

  36. saurabh says

    just download the older version of bluestack and it will work(remember to install software as administrator)

  37. Tyler Thrasher says

    when i try to install a app it says: no market found, would you like to check internet for recipie

  38. Manjit Demon says

    hi, Bluestacks is working but i’m having a problem while using it.. sometimes my keyboard hang or stop responding or continue responding as the same key i pressed last time and it’s makes me to restart my computer after restarting it’s works ok for sometime and then again it’s hangs.. please tell me what should i do .. i have nvidia quadro fx 580 graphic card, 8 GB ram and i7 kit but still facing this kind of problem

    • MKMN says

      happens to me too.. however, im using pc.. so whenever this shit happens, i just unplug keyboard usb, then replug. if using laptop, try start task manager then kill all bluestack process (u dont have restart the whole computer). but yeah, this ffff bug still happen, whenever it wantt! fucking frustt!

  39. Mandip Das says

    @ 1st I could not even install Bluestacks because I have Bitdefender Internet Security 2014. Then I google and follow a solution to install it through offline installer. But now I am stuck at the Loading screen like many other users. I have tried many solutions but unfortunately nothing have worked for me so far. My system specs are as follows…..
    Core i5 processor, 8GB ram and AMD R9 270X graphics card with windows 7 ultimate service pack 1 64 bit. Can you help me?

  40. Ankita Tiwari says

    i am facing problem installing bluestacks…whenever the bluestacks installation wizard appears it says “there is an internet connection problem. please try again later”..please tell me how to solve this problem..

    • says

      This seem to be a network error. The simple reason is BlueStacks is somehow not able to connect to internet. I have researched a bit on internet to find solution to this Error 1316.

      The best, easiest solution which I have found is simply – current installer file is corrupt (don’t know the reason). You should download a new version (or may be old version) of the installer file (offline installer of BlueStacks) and reinstall it again..

      Please refer to above article on how to remove BlueStacks completely and reinstalling it again.

  41. diva khera says

    i have been using bluestacks from past one year but suddenly i am facing some problem.
    i am unable to open any app as its showing network problem. What should i do?

  42. Randy Manuforlife Hypolite says

    none of the apps seem to open.. the only button that works is the closed button… everything else i click on do not open

    • says

      1) The emulator might have slowed down because you might have installed more apps
      2) Less available RAM for the app in bluestacks.
      3) Less RAM in PC.

      Try removing unused applications from bluestacks and update your graphic card.

  43. says

    Help please!! I’m trying to install this app but it keeps saying “Application Failed Detected. Please try again later.” Do you have a solution for this??

    • says

      It means that your computer or laptop did not properly met the required minimum system ram (physical memory) requirement of the Bluestacks Android emulator because the new version of the Bluestacks Android emulator requires your laptop or computer to have at least a minimum of 2GB ram installed for it to properly install.

      There are two possible solutions to rectify the issue. First, is to upgrade your computer`s ram to 2 Gigabyte or to use the older modified version of the Android emulator Bluestacks which only require a minimum of 1 Gigabyte ram.

      Download the older version of Bluestacks: Extract the content of the file. Navigate inside the folder and run the Bluestacks modified installer to install the older modified version of the android emulator Bluestacks on your computer or laptop.

  44. Evan R says

    HELP! I use Bluestacks mainly for snapchat and whenever I receive a video snap and open it, it only shows me a black screen. It’s been very frustrating. Please help.

    p.s. I am running it on a Mac

  45. JakeK0202 says

    Im on an AMD computer and whenever I open clash of clans the screen just stays black. I tried all these things and nothing worked. What can I do to fix this?

  46. patnav says

    Every time that I try to install an Android App I get the following error message: “***“ could not be downloaded due to an error. (Error retrieving information from server. [RPC:S-3])

    Is there a way around this error?

  47. Ava says

    Okay, what do I do if it says it can’t update the installed version? I’ve deleted all the files needed (or so I think). I checked the registry and the system files, and everything seems to be clean. What am I missing? At the moment of writing this, I’m a bit under the weather, so that may not help things… lol.

    • says

      I was still not able to completely remove the BlueStacks player (and notification center from my PC). I then ran a software called “ccleaner” and removed the BlueStacks and its related files from that software. It worked like charm!

  48. Daron Pickles Branston says

    i have a very strange issue with blue stacks running a 4 gb system with nvidia gt 630 graphics card but every time i try to run show box on blue stacks it is in black and white any recommendations as to what to do

  49. Daron Pickles Branston says

    have a very strange problem with bluestacks playing showbox all the movies and shows are playing in black and white any suggestions as to how i can fix it ?

  50. Edgard André says

    Here in my PC the Instagram doesn´t work!!! I can install but I can´t log on!!! It´s apear unknown error!!! Help please!!!

  51. Alexa Smith says

    Whenever my husband tried to install BlueStacks it gets stuck on the initializing screen indefinitely, is there any way to fix this? (He has windows 8 on his computer.)

  52. says

    BlueStacks seems to have installed ok. Downloaded Plants vs Zombies 2 It goes as far as showing my name and the “Play” button and freezes there. Will not play the game, and has no sound. I have W7, 4GB Ram, AMD Phenon II x4 955 3.2 Ghz
    Have tried to uninstall and reinstall Bluestacks. no help. Thanks!

  53. Christian says

    Hey, I have problem

    After I’ve installed bluestacks, my internet connection has just gone bad, Im lagging in everyelse app, like counter-strike, It’s not my hardware, since I still have high FPS, but my network connection, I have 30 ms, but lots of times, it goes to 170 after I’ve installed bluestacks, any solutions for this?

  54. Xenicide says

    On the help about “Incompatible with other applications with the same shared user ID” its a link to foursquare but all that gives is some stupid social ap. What gives?

  55. Joram says

    I have my webcam plugged in and it’s working as it works in the Bluestacks camera app, just not snapchat, anyone got a fix?

  56. jazz says

    when i start my bluestack, it got hanged after 10-20 sec and it acquire lots of memory in ram
    but somedays before it was working fine , but now it got hanged…..nw wht i should do to solve this issue

  57. Kiran Manoj says

    hey bluestacks is working super fine for me.. but Line’s game Getrich isn’t working fo me it says unfornunately get rich has stopped. And i been trying to install snapchat, but it crashed after the first take a apic page.. plz help..

  58. Shelby says

    I’ve downloaded Bluestacks and the app I want successfully. However, when I click to run the app it just refreshes the current page. It’s almost like it never even tries to open the app. What could be wrong?

  59. Jonny says

    Blue stacks works fine except one small little detail. In clash of clans the game loads and is functional, but no images for walls, town hall, the production thingies, nothing. The loading screen, background to the base, and gems in shop to buy all show, but every other image doesn’t. Second attempt installing bluestacks, gave it full access, restarted computer. Reinstalled clash of clans. Any advise?

  60. Raito says

    Hey, I just downloaded BlueStacks so I could use snapchat from my laptop. I can receive and read snaps just fine, but it’s not connected to my webcam so I can’t take pictures to send? Any idea how to fix this?

  61. Finery says

    I’ve been trying to download an app for the past 30 minutes and I’ve followed all the steps above and still keep getting ” Error retrieving information from server. [RPC:S-7:AEC-0] ”
    Please respond, I have a iPhone and I’m hoping that’s not the main issue.

  62. JJ.A.W says

    When iam on snapchat the camera doesnt come on, it is black-but my webcam works for everything else…
    How do i solve this?

  63. says

    i installed bluestack , it works super fine, i downloaded many games,but some of them are not working properly, for example the game which i played on my tablet it cant work properly in bluestack on my laptop, it hang or stuck, the name of that is gt car racing 2……

  64. Sara says

    i need help!!!! ive tried to install bluestacks but keep getting “failed to install bluestacks” ive installed the certificate, ive checked for its compatibility (which it is), ive tried to delete it and reinstall and its just keeps telling me the same thing…. im really frustrated with it. ive had before on a previous laptop which worked just fine.i dont understand why this isnt working!!!!!! please please PLEASE help me figure this out!!!


  65. says

    how to do this with upgraded version of bluestacks whatsapp ??i din’t find any “menu “icon at the bottom as u showed …it’s completely different.. cudn’t find delete option at all!!!

  66. JP says

    I can’t install bluestacks because a message appears saying “It seems that your system has been upgraded. Please click OK to configure and run bluestacks app player.” and when i press OK the message just reappears. I’m tryin to install the latest bluestacks version, i have windows 8.1 (not upgraded from 8.1), intel i7 q740, 8GB RAM, Nvidia Geforce GT330M. Please help me

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