Bluestacks Instagram Errors – Not Working ? Solved !

If you have been trying to run Instagram Application on your computer then one of the probable solution is to use the BlueStacks android emulator and install the Instagram application on it. Using BlueStacks is very easy and installing Instagram application would take just few minutes. Check out this tutorial on how you can install mobile apps on computer using BlueStacks.

As it turns out a lot of people have tried using Instagram application on their BlueStacks software. A few of these people are facing a little problem in either installing the BlueStacks software or the Instagram app on BlueStacks. Some of the people have faced a few problem in using the Instagram app on BlueStacks. So if you have faced issues in getting Instagram app up and running on PC, then we can help you out.

Getting BlueStacks up and Running

1. If you are facing loading, installation or connection problems with Bluestacks (this software is not itself working) :

2. If you are facing Graphic card related problems :

3. If your BlueStacks screen is stuck at initialization :

4. If Bluestacks screen is just turned black and nothing is happening :


How to upload photos from computer to Instagram application

If you are using the BlueStacks App Player for Windows version or later, then it is very easy to pick files from Windows while you are in Instagram. Here’s a video that show you how:

Another method:

To upload photos and videos directly to your Instagram account, follow these instructions.

  1. Download Bluestacks and Run Bluestacks
  2. Install the Instagram app
  3. Install ES File Explorer
  4. Launch Instagram
  5. In Instagram settings, uncheck use Instagram’s advanced camera
  6. Click the photo icon. Select Pick from gallery > ES File Explorer > bstfolder
  7. Choose a photo to upload
  8. Add your filters along with a caption and any hashtags
  9. Upload your photo to your Instagram account

This process also works for uploading videos to Instagram from a computer as well.

For older versions:

  1. Copy the pictures to be uploaded to the BlueStacks Shared Folder, e.g., at C:\ProgramData\Bluestacks\UserData\SharedFolder.
  2. Launch the ES File Explorer within BlueStacks
  3. Select the Windows folder.
  4. The Windows folder provides access to files residing in several Windows folders. C:\ProgramData\Bluestacks\UserData\SharedFolder is visible as BstSharedFolder within Android.
  5. Select the photos to be uploaded.
  6. Select the destination, the photos are to be moved to the Instagram folder within the Pictures folder
  7. Click OK to effect the Copy. The upload is complete.
  8. Start Instagram
  9. Choose the app  to access the uploaded pictures
  10. Select the new picture
  11. Crop it and it is ready to be sent

Error When Installing Instagram : Apk Installation failed

Some people have complained that they are getting error when installing the Instagram app. Users get errors like Apk Installation failed: INSTALL_FAILED_INSUFFICIENT_STORAGE or Apk Installation failed: INSTALL_FAILED_INVALID_APK when they double click on the .apk. For similar ” Apk Installation failed” problems, try to install apks from within BlueStacks instead of double clicking them from Windows. You can make the local files to BlueStacks shared folder. Now install the Instagram app.

Or you should directly install the app from Android market. Find the Instagram app through the search facility of BlueStacks (enable Google Play access). After that just install the app. You may get confused as BlueStacks presents three app markets: Mobile, Amazon, and Google Play. Just install Instagram through either of these options.

BlueStacks crashes on using Instagram

If it keeps crashing don’t just close and restart it. Go into task manager and end task on all it’s processors then start it up again and it should be good. Also update your graphic card drivers.

How to fix Blue stacks “out of date Instagram” Issue

  1. Make sure you are using the latest BlueStacks application on your computer
  2. Go to App Store and launch mobile-1 app on it
  3. Search instagram on that app

Here in my PC the Instagram doesn’t work – I can install but I can’t log on

It worked for me and it is working for my friends as well. You can try using the latest version of BlueStacks and then install Instagram as mentioned above.

Uploading Picture on Instagram using Bluestacks – Stuck at uploading image

Well this problem has already been solved in the latest version ( Install the latest version of BlueStacks android player and just follow the above video tutorial. You should not face any problem in uploading image on Instagram then.

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  1. paolo says

    I have the latest bluestacks version. But when I try to upload to instagram, after selecting the photo, (before I can choose a filter), I am stuck in loading.

    Please help

  2. Esther says

    hi i downloaded instagram from 1monbile,google play and other sources from the internet every time it says “the package appears to be corrupt”
    please help !,thanks!

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