BlueStacks Market not found Issue – How to install apps now ?

bluestacks market not found how to solve this

BlueStacks is one of the most popular android emulators available for your personal computers. With this software you can run android applications on your PC for free. Once installed it allows you to download any android application on your computer and run it. You can play games like Candy Crush or you can even run applications like Whatsapp on your PC. For detailed information on using BlueStacks app player and installing apps on it, refer to this article. Now the problem is that when … [Read more...]

How many square are there puzzle – Huge collection


Studying Maths was pretty boring, however when it comes to Maths puzzles then it is quite a lot of fun. Among the popular puzzles are ones where you have to count the number of square. You are given an image which has lots and lots of squares and all you have to do is simply count and tell the exact number of square it has. Below is a huge collection of such puzzles (updated regularly). You can allowed to copy and share these images with your friends on Facebook or Whatsapp or any other … [Read more...]

Guess Marwadi Names Puzzle for Whatsapp Messenger

guess names whatsapp puzzle

Here's another whatsapp puzzle (made of smileys aka emoticons) where you have to guess the Marwadi Names. This puzzle won't attract large audience as this is specific to Indians (or infact Marwadi in particular). However if you have any idea about Marwadi names then you can still give it a try. These puzzles are getting way popular than expected making Whatsapp messenger number one communication app in almost all app stores. What these puzzles are – just simple combinations of some icons … [Read more...]

Guess Most Awaited Kannada Movies of 2014 – Whatsapp Puzzle

guess names whatsapp puzzle

Puzzles on mobile messenger applications are getting really popular these days. Among these puzzles, the most popular ones are Whatsapp emoticons quizzes. So we are back again with another Whatsapp emoticon puzzle. What these puzzles are - just simple combinations of some icons which actually tend to mean something. This time you will have to guess the most awaited Kannada Movies of 2014. This puzzle has 17 different combinations and each one is a Kannada Movie to be released (or already … [Read more...]

Whatsapp Quotes on Love, Life, FriendShip, Attitude

Love Quotes for Whatsapp

One of the very popular instant messaging application is Whatsapp. It is being used by millions of people daily and huge number of messages are exchanged everyday. Infact quite of lot of my time (and I am assuming lot of people will agree to this) is spend using Whatsapp. Whatsapp is not limited to chatting (text messaging), it offers quite a lot of features which include group messaging, voice messaging, huge emoticon collection and much more. But do you know that Whatsapp also has status … [Read more...]

15 Whatsapp Emoticon Puzzles – Play Games Here

Whatsapp Puzzles and Quizzes

If you are reading this article then I am sure you are already aware of Whatsapp and its incredible set of features. I have been saying this for so long now that Whatsapp is no longer limited to its chat application. It offers group chat, voice messaging and the huge list of emoticons. These emoticons and smileys can be used in your regular chat to express your emoticons. Well it turns out there's actually a lot of other things which you can do with these emoticons. One of the popular usage … [Read more...]

Whatsapp Emoticons Stories – Love Story, Songs Messages

Whatsapp Smiley Stories

Whatsapp is my favorite mobile application. I am always connected to internet on my mobile and Whatsapp keeps running in the background. I use it everyday and everytime for all my messaging needs. Infact it is more of a chatting application than messaging one. The best thing about Whatsapp is its not limited to basic chat and offers a wide range of features (like group chat, message broadcast etc). One of the most used Whatsapp feature is its emoticons (or popularly known as Smileys). These … [Read more...]

Top Free Gym Apps for Windows Mobile

Gym Windows Mobile Applications

Is it that only people having Android Mobile or iPhone are unhealthy. Obviously not your health is not related to the type of mobile phone you are carrying. But I somehow feel that smartphone has made us too lazy which indeed is effecting our health. Earlier we used to go out and play in the park, walk around and meet new friends, get social by physically meeting people. And now we play Candy Crush Saga on mobile, get social only on Facebook and Whatsapp. In short, our day to day physical … [Read more...]

WhatsApp Jokes Messages – Share Emoticons Jokes

Laugh on Whatsapp Jokes

Whatsapp is the most popular instant messaging application available for all mobile phones, be it Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Nokia Symbian and even on computer. The basic feature of Whatsapp - its a messaging or chat application. However Whatsapp is not limited to this feature and that's the reason it is so popular among people (millions of people use it daily). Whatsapp also allows group messaging, video and voice messaging, picture/image sharing among friends. Together … [Read more...]

List of Windows 8 Tablets in India with Price

Windows 8 Tablets in India - Buy Online

Who says iPad and Android tablets are the only available Tablet's in the India market. Though Android tablets are popular among Indian tablet users, however Windows Tablet do exists and after the launch of Windows 8 operating system (and Microsoft surface tablets) these windows tablets are also gaining popularity. In this article we will look at various Windows Tablet's available in the Indian market. Offcourse almost all these tablets are equipped with Windows 8 operating platform. The … [Read more...]